Keystone United Exposed Day 29: Joseph J. Garvey Junior

Keystone United member Joseph J. Garvey Jr.

Joe Garvey is a neo-nazi member of Keystone United and supporter of Keystone State Skinheads. Garvey was at the Leif Erikson Day event in Philly this past year, as well as KU’s Yule Celebration and several other KU events.

Garvey (2nd row left) with Keystone State Skinheads members at their Leif Erikson Day even in Fairmount Park in 2017.
Garvey (center back behind Steve Smith) at Keystone United’s yule party.

Joe Garvey’s last known address is 86 Gilligan St., Wilkes Barre, PA. We are asking our readers to help us find more info on this nazi, especially related to employment.

Name: Joseph J. Garvey, Jr. 

Last Known Address: 86 Gilligan St., Wilkes Barre, PA

Affiliations: Keystone United

Keystone United Exposed Day 28: Aaron Klinger

Aaron Klinger, neo-nazi and Keystone State Skinheads probate member. Klinger is wearing a shirt for KSS’ 2013 Leif Erikson Day event in Philly.

Aaron Paul Klinger is a 44 year-old (DOB 9/26/74) neo-nazi and a probationary member of Keystone State Skinheads. Klinger has attended Leif Erikson Day events in Philly as well as KSS and Keystone United social events.

Aaron Klinger (center rear in front of PA flag) with Keystone State Skinheads at their annual member BBQ.

Klinger’s last known address is 62 Fellowship Dr., Halifax PA.

Klinger a few years ago.
Klinger repping Keystone United on social media.


Clinger celebrating his probate status with KSS.

We are asking our readers to help us find out what Klinger is doing for work and send that info our way.

Name: Aaron Klinger

Last Known address: 62 Fellowship Dr., Halifax, PA

Affiliations: Keystone State Skinheads Probationary Member, Keystone United Supporter

Keystone United Exposed Day 27: Michael Rearich

Blood and Honour nazi Michael Rohrich not-so-subtly hinting at his Keystone State Skinheads affiliations.

Michael S. Rearich is a 32 year old (DOB 8/27/86)  neo-nazi member of Blood and Honour’s Club 28 and affiliate of Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United.

Rearich posting a disguised swastika. One of the commentators, Jay Cunningham, is a KSS member.

Rearich lives in York, PA., though he was in Tucson, AZ last month and may still be there.

Rearich is close with Mikey Marcink, also of Blood and Honour, and lived with Marcink in Indiana for a time.

Rearich (r) with Mikey Marcink, another blood and honour nazi. Lots of nazi imagery present in this pic, including numerical code 88 for HH or heil hitler and the black sun.

Rearich was with Marcink and other neo-nazis at the disastrous Leif Erikson Day in 2013 when Keystone United and Blood and Honour were dwarfed and drowned out by counter protesters.

Rearich pled guilty to corruption of minors in 2008 and received 2 years probation with 65 hours of community service.

Rearich at Leif Erikson Day 2013.

Rearich (2nd from right) with Marcink of Blood and Honour, Joe Phy of KSS and Matthew Heimbach of TWP (and now NSM).
Rearich wearing a Blood and Honour USA t-shirt.
Rearich (in the back left side) attending Keystone United’s yule party.

Rearich’s last known address is 27 Maple Road, York, PA. We are asking our readers to send us any more info they can find on Rearich, especially related to employment.

Name: Michael Rearich

Last Known Address: 27 Maple Road, York, PA

Affiliations: Blood and Honour Club 28, Keystone State Skinheads supporter.

Keystone United Exposed Day 26: Clemie Richard Haught and Amy Strong

Amy Strong and Rick Haught, Keystone United supporters and neo-nazis.

Clemie Richard (Rick) Haught is a 42 year-old (DOB 11/12/75) member of Maryland Skinheads and longtime neo-nazi. Haught runs the music label “Label 56” out of Baltimore, MD. Since the apparent demise of Micetrap Records, Label 56 would be the premier white power label in this region.

Rick Haught wearing his Label 56 hoodie.

Haught is in a relationship with Amy Strong, who once worked for a Ron Paul campaign before her nazi ties were exposed. Strong now works with Confederate “flagger” groups and the Oath Keepers. Two groups that vehemently deny having nazi connections, and yet here we are.

Strong (r) with Ron Paul while working for one of his presidential campaigns.
Strong (center) at a pro-confederate rally.

Label 56 sells releases by bands such as Brutal Attack, Bound for Glory, and Empire Falls as well as a large collection of National Socialist Black Metal and racist country western music. The clothing section has a considerable amount dedicated to hating Anti-Fascists and leftists, and the DVD’s section has only 2 items, one of which is the last speech of William Pierce, longtime leader of the National Alliance. Pierce was the author of “The Turner Diaries,” a novel about Nazi revolution within the united states that has inspired scores of acts of violence including the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Only $6.50, eh?
Haught and Strong with Maryland Skinheads member Jason Tankersley.

Label 56 was in the news briefly in 2012 after they were discovered selling items by bands linked to Sikh Temple shooter and Hammerskin Wade Michael Page. Label 56 issued a statement decrying the shooting and removed the items, but continued selling other items just as inflammatory and offensive.

Haught runs the Label 56 blog, which features such luminary thoughts as “They’re gonna have a black actress play Samantha in a bewitched remake?! That’s the same as having Ryan Gossling play Martin Luther King!”

No we aren’t exaggerating.

It is also used to promote Keystone United related projects such as the European American Action Coalition. Label 56 puts out podcasts arbitrarily to promote their bands and politics.

Rick Haught promoting a Keystone United led coalition group European American Action Coalition on Label 56’s website.
Haught (with checkered shirt on right side) attending Keystone United’s yule party.

Haught was present with MDS in 2006 when they attacked Anti-Racists on the way to protest the Klan in West Virginia near the border of Maryland. He was also present with KSS when they harassed Philly Pride in 2006.

Rick Haught (in rear with sunglasses) with KSS and MDS nazis harassing a Pride event in Philly in 2006.

Haught is also a regular at Keystone United and KSS events, and KU in turn fills their St. Patrick’s Day event, which it isn’t getting shut down by MD Antifa. Haught has also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge in the past.

Strong (with red hair) with Oath Keepers at a demonstration of some sort.

Haught and Strong’s last known address is 1604 Inverness Ave., Baltimore MD. Haught drives a black Ford pickup (MD 697-0L7). It is unknown if Haught has any other income, or what Strong is doing for work, and we are asking our comrades in that area to look into it and let us know.

Names: Clemie Richard Haught (goes by Rick) and Amy Strong

Last known address: 1604 Inverness Ave, Baltimore, MD

Affiliations: Maryland Skinheads, Label 56, Keystone State Skinheads, Keystone United, Oath Keepers, Virginia Flaggers, Veterans for Ron Paul


Keystone United Exposed Day 25: Ryan Wojtowicz

Ryan Wojtowicz, Keystone United member and neo-nazi living in Nanticoke, PA.

Ryan F. Wojtowicz is a longtime nazi, white nationalist organizer, and very active member of Keystone United. Wojtowitcz has attended most, if not all, Leif Erikson Day events.

Wojtowicz models himself after KSS co-founder Steve Smith, and has followed him into the Luzerne County GOP as a committeeman.

Wojtowicz attended Hanover Area Junior-Senior High School and Luzerne County Community College.

Wojtowicz (r) with fellow Keystone United members. Wojtowicz is licking the nipple of Keystone State Skinheads member Steve Smith.


Wojtowicz (rear next to Steve Smith) at Leif Erikson Day 2012 after-party in Philly.
Wojtowicz (with hat) with Keystone United and Traditionalist Worker’s Party at the Traditionalist Youth Network’s conference in Philly in 2016.


Wojtowicz (left in Keystone United hoodie) at the KU Yule party.

Wojtowicz attends almost every Keystone United event in the area and has written content for their blog. Wojtowicz is also active in the Pennsylvania Council of Conservative Citizens, the European American Action Coalition, and the American Freedom Party. All projects Steve Smith is involved in as well (Smith and Wojtowicz founded the EAAC). Despite being only 28, he has been involved in White Nationalist organizing for nearly 10 years. Wojtowiczs’ last known address is 418 E. Noble St., Nanticoke, PA.

Wojtowicz (center) alongside Keystone United members participating in an “Overpasses Across America” anti-refugee protest as “European American Action Coalition.”
Keystone State Skinheads at Leif Erikson Day 2017 on Lemon Hill. Wojtowicz is holding the banner.
Wojtowicz (center next to Bob Gaus) with Keystone United and Tradtionalist Worker’s Party at Leif Erikson Day 2015. Hilariously bad photoshop courtesy of the nazis.
Wojtowicz with PA chapter of hate group Council of Conservative Citizens. Fellow Keystone United members Steve Smith and Jason Honeywell are present, as is National Vanguard nazi Erick Wiegel.
Ryan Wojitowicz (l) and Jason Honeywell (r), KU and Council of Conservative Citizens members.
Ryan Wojtowicz at Leif Erikson Day 2013 in Fairmount Park.

We are asking our readers to help us ascertain where Wojtowicz is working and send that, and any other info about him, our way.

Name: Ryan Wojtowicz

Age: 28

Last Known Address: 418 E. Noble St., Nanticoke, PA

Affiliations: Keystone United, Council on Conservative Citizens, European American Action Coalition, American Freedom Party, Luzerne County GOP

Keystone United Exposed Day 24: Joseph Hoesch

Joeseph Hoesch. Neo- nazi, former Keystone State Skinheads member, and current Atlantic City Skins associate living in Philadelphia.

Joseph Hoesch was a founding member of Keystone State Skinheads, who is no longer a member but is still a neo-nazi (though he lacks the courage to admit it in the street) and has been spotted around the city harassing leftist events, including demonstrations against the Trump Administration by larger, more liberal groups, and the #OccupyICEPHL encampment.

Joe Hoesch wearing a Waffen SS t-shirt and harassing the #occupyICEPHL encampment in Philly with a few fellow nazis.

Joseph Hoesch was involved in forming KSS in 2001, and was present with them the following year in York, PA, when Nazis rallying with the National Alliance and Creativity Movement were routed and sent fleeing the city by locals and Anti-Fascists. Hoesch was injured at some point in the melee.

Hoesch was married to his future ex-wife by Creativity Movement “Pontifex Maximus” Matthew Hale on the Aryan Nations compound. Hale would be imprisoned for conspiring to murder a federal judge who had ruled against the group over a copyright issue.

Joe Hoesch, former Barricada magazine “Bloody Bonehead of the Month.”

Following his ex-wife’s departure from the white power movement, Hoesch wasn’t seen around for several years, but was alongside KSS in Tacony around 4 years ago when they countered our March Against Racists and Rapists.

Hoesch was all tough talk that day, but when he was seen again last November he denied still being a Nazi. This was proven false a few weeks later when he was hanging out with AC Skins’ members when they were at a Murphy’s Law show in Philly.

Hoesch discussing nazi patches and defunct white power distro Micetrap records with AC Skins member Vinny DeFelice.

As we mentioned, Hoesch showed up at least twice at the #OccupyICEPHL encampment, once wearing a Neo-Nazi t-shirt and with another bonehead. Hoesch is no longer a member of KSS, but this is a result of him sleeping with KSS Co-Leader Bob Gaus’ fiancee, Valerie, and not a change of heart.

Hoesch works as a window cleaner, and has his own business, Hoesch Window Cleaning Service. He has it registered at his home address, 3255 Chatham Street, here in Philly.

We are asking our readers to go to the Angie’s List page for Hoesch Window Cleaning Service and leave reviews that make people aware that the business is run by a longtime neo-nazi who has a history of violence and harassing liberals and leftists, unprovoked.

Hoesch wearing the shirt of AC Skins band Aggravated Assault.

Name: Joseph Hoesch

Last known address: 3255 Chatham Street, Philadelphia

Employment: Hoesch Window Cleaning Service

Associations: Keystone State Skinheads Co-Founder and Ex-Member, Atlantic City Skins associate.

Keystone United Exposed Day 23: Jason Honeywell

Jason Honeywell, longtime Keystone State Skinheads member and neo-nazi.

Jason Honeywell is a longtime neo-nazi and Keystone State Skinheads member who was at one time, and may still be, the leader of the Wilkes Barre unit.

Honeywell was accused of stabbing two Anti-Racist skinheads outside of Cafe Metropolis in Wilkes-Barre after he and other members of KSS provoked a confrontation by giving seig-heil salutes at the singer of the band River Side Riot, who is black, during the band’s set.

Honeywell’s younger brother eventually pled guilty to the charges, but even if you believe him (and we have doubts), Jason Honeywell was indisputably involved in the racist provocation and fight that followed.

The Honeywell brothers alongside Keystone United co-founder Steve Smith and KU member Ryan Wojtowicz.

Honeywell has attended several past Leif Erikson Day events and was present when KSS crashed an NAACP organized meeting in response to Anti-Semetic graffiti being spray painted on a local synagogue by racist teenagers who were friends of KSS members. Honeywell has also been active with the Council of Conservative Citizens, a hate group with an innocuous sounding name with origins in the White Citizen’s Councils of the Jim Crow south.

Jason Honeywell (l) with Ryan Wojtowicz of Keystone United. Honeywell’s brother is in the back right.
Honeywell (r) with Pennsylvania chapter of hate group Council of Conservative Citizens. Also present are KU members Steve Smith and Ryan Wojtowicz.

In recent years, Honeywell hasn’t been spotted at many KSS events, but he may just be keeping a low profile. Honeywell maintains at least social connection to KSS, as does his fiance Sharyn Mann, and there’s no evidence he’s changed his ways.

Honeywell’s last known address is 129 Pine Street, Apt. 2, Pittston PA. We are asking our readers to help us identify what employment, if any, Honeywell has.

Name: Jason Honeywell

Last known address: 129 Pine Street, Apt. 2, Pittston PA

Affiliations: Keystone United, Keystone State Skinheads, Council of Conservative Citizens

Keystone United Exposed Day 22: Marcel and Sharon Brettschneider

UPDATE: According to a statement on the Bath City Roller Girls’ social media, both Marcel and Sharon Brettschnieders have been kicked off the team. We applaud BCRG for their quick and decisive action and for taking a stand against racism and nazism in Roller Derby. We have updated the article accordingly.

Sharon and Marcel Brettschnider, Keystone United members and neo-nazis living in Ferndale, MI. Marcel is wearing a “Rock Against Communism” shirt. RAC was started by the singer of neo-nazi band Skrewdriver, Ian Stuart, and is a common image on nazi clothing.

Marcel and Sharon Brettschneider are Keystone United members living in Ferndale, MI. They are both neo-nazis and Keystone State Skinheads supporters.

The Brettschneiders keep it very low profile about their white nationalist beliefs. They actually lived in Pennsylvania for several years, in Pheonixville and Philadelphia. At some point in their time in PA, Marcel joined KU, and then they moved to Michigan We later would learn of a “guy named Marcel” from KSS who had left town, but it wasn’t until doing research for KU Exposed that we discovered who Marcel was.

The Brettschneiders with Philly KSS and KSS co-founder Steve Smith. From left to right: Peggy Caterino, David Phillips, Steve Smith, The Brettschneiders, Joey and Stacey Phy. AJ Olsen kneeling in front.
The Brettshneiders with Philly KSS member AJ Olsen.

Marcel is/was besties with Philly KSS leader AJ Olsen. He included AJ in his wedding party, and they interact constantly on Facebook. When Tim Wylie from KSS was imprisoned for possessing an illegal firearm as a felon, Marcel Brettschneider donated 200 dollars and had this to say:

Bob Gaus is the de-facto leader of Keystone State Skinheads.

So Marcel not only knows Tim Wylie, and AJ Olsen, but KSS co-founder Bob Gaus, and is clearly referring to KU/KSS as “his brothers.”

Once we knew Marcel was KU, we were able to spot him in some pictures of the group, including a Keystone United/KSS picnic in 2015 (right next to Gaus) and Leif Erikson Day that same year. Sharon Brettschneider is also in the picture. Both of them are trying to hide their identities.

Marcel Brettshneider at Keystone United’s annual members picnic.
Marcel Brettschneider (right, in cap, with arm around nazi) with fellow Keystone United members at their yule party.
Keystone United at Leif Erikson Day 2014. The Brettschneiders are on the right, turned away from the camera. We have verified through informants within KSS that they attended this LED.

The reason for hiding his identity, as well as his beliefs, is likely linked to Marcel Brettschneider’s job as a Consultant for IT company Cenit North America, Inc.

Sharon Brettscneider playing Roller Derby. Marcel is behind her in ref’s shirt. They have since been kicked out of their team.

We are asking our readers to both email and call Cenit North America’s support and lodge a complaint that they are employing a neo-nazi who is using his wages to help bail a fellow nazi out of jail for carrying an illegal gun as a felon.


Finally, anyone with additional info regarding these two should send it our way.

Back of the Brettshnedier’s car.

Marcel and Sharon Brettscneider partying with fellow Keystone United nazis.
Keystone United’s Patricia Vanagaitis wishing The Brettschneider’s well when they left Philly for Michigan.
Anti-Communism is an obsession among neo-nazis. Marcel Brettschneider and AJ Olsen are no exceptions.

Names: Marcel and Sharon Brettschneider

Location: Ferndale, MI

Employment: Marcel works as a Consultant for Cenit North America

Affiliations: Keystone United, Keystone State Skinheads

Keystone United Exposed Day 21: Patrick Rogers and Heidi McCarthy

Heidi McCarthy (l) and Pat Rogers (center) of Keystone United attending their Leif Erikson Day 2013 event in Philly.
Pat Rogers at LED 2012.

Patrick Rogers and Heidi McCarthy are neo-nazis and members of Keystone United living in Williamsport, PA.

Rogers is heavily involved with Keystone United and Keystone State Skinheads. He attends many of their demonstrations and social events. Rogers has attended pretty much every Leif Erikson Day event since at least 2012. He also writes the bulk of the content for Keystone United’s blog under his real name.

Rogers has a long criminal history, including charges for “corruption of minors,” inducing minors to buy alcohol, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Rogers (2nd row in Anti-Antifa shirt) at LED 2017.

Rogers posted a petition in 2017 to overturn the conviction of Kayla Norton and Jose Torres, 2 anti-Black racists who terrorized a children’s birthday party with guns, confederate flags and racial slurs. Rogers was briefly involved with American Vikings, a group started by Vinlanders Social Club founder Brien James, in 2013.

Rogers (l) wearing a shirt of neo-nazi band Skrewdriver.

Heidi McCarthy has also attended several Leif Erikson days in Philly, and helped campaign for Steve Smith’s re-election in Luzerne County. She is a proud racist.

McCarty (l) at Leif Erikson Day 2013 listening to Matthew Heimbach attempt to speak over protesters. Her shirt read “Don’t shoot officer, I’m White!”
Nazis Mikey Marcink, Heidi McCarthy and Pat Rogers

Rogers and McCarthy’s last known address was 815 Wilson St., Williamsport. Pat drives a very understated Hyundai Elantra (PA HKD 6201).

This car has stickers supporting AC Skins band Aggravated Assault, Maryland skinheads run Label 56, Keystone United, and the New York Yankees. Despicable.

We are asking our readers to send any additional verifiable info on these two to us.

Rogers with KSS members and supporters in Tacony countering an anti-rape, anti-racist march.
Rogers (4th from right) with fellow KSS and Blood and Honour boneheads.

Names: Patrick Rogers and Heidi McCarthy

Last known address: 815 Wilson St., Williamsport

Affiliations: Keystone United, Keystone State Skinheads, American Vikings

Keystone United Exposed Day 20: Jimmy Thorson

Jimmy Thorson, neo-nazi and Keystone United member.

Jimmy E. Thorson is a neo-nazi, Keystone United member, and Keystone State Skinheads supporter living in Carlisle, PA.

Thorson has attended several Leif Erikson Day events, and also went to support an Aryan Nations rally of 12 in Gettysburg in 2010 but ended up leaving early muttering about how pathetic they were.

Thorson at Leif Erikson Day 2012.

Unfortunately, Thorson did not wise up after that and started getting involved with KSS and Keystone United. Thorson attends many Keystone United events, and was also spotted with Bob Gaus at the Trump rally in Harrisburg.

Thorson (l) with KSS members at Trump rally in Harrisburg.

Thorson attended an anti-refugee rally in Harrisburg with KU last year.

Thorson (2nd row behind Bob Gaus) with Keystone United at anti-refugee protest in Harrisburg.

Thorson’s last know address is 120 W. Willow St., Carlisle PA. We know that Thorson had been working at a grocery store in Carlisle, but do not know if his employment status has changed in recent years. Thorson has also worked for an events company as a seasonal employee and also claims to have just enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University, likely doing online courses.

Thorson working for Carlisle events.


Thorson in his Anti-Antifa hoodie.
Thorson with KSS and MDS members. Apologies for size.
Thorson putting up KU stickers at his work site a few years ago.

Name: Jimmy E. Thorson

Age: 30s

Last known address: 120 W. Willow St. Apt C, Carlisle, PA.

Affiliations: Keystone United Member, Keystone State Skinheads Supporter

Keystone United Exposed Day 19: Nunzio Pellegrino

Nunzio Pellegrino (l) with fellow Keystone State Skinheads member Joe Phy.

Nunzio Pellegrino is a 37 year old neo-nazi and Keystone State Skinheads member living in Philadelphia.

Pellegrino is the older brother of Vincent Pellegrino, a KSS supporter who sexually assaulted a woman in Tacony and then died fleeing the scene. Shortly after his brother’s death, Nunzio claimed to have left KSS and cut ties. That proved to be a lie, and Pellegrino has just been maintaining a low profile.

Vincent (l in gray shirt) and Nunzio (top right with KSS supporter shirt on) Pellegrino alongside Joe Phy from KSS and 2 other nazis.

Pellegrino does White Nationalist graffiti in Philly and has attended non-public KSS events.

Nunzio Pellegrino doing Keystone United graffiti.
Nunzio Pellegrino (3rd from left) with fellow KSS members and polish neo-nazis in Jersey City, NJ in 2013.
Nunzio Pellegrino (center) with fellow KSS members.
Keystone State Skinheads members. Pellegrino is on the right with his arm on AJ Olsen.

Pellegrino’s last known address is 6403 Ditman St., Philly. Pellegrino has a lot of family and friends in that part of Tacony, who are aware of his politics and support him. He, along with several members of his family, joined with KSS in countering our march in Tacony in response to his brother’s crimes. Several other Pellegrino family members maintain friendly relations with KSS on social media.

We are asking for verifiable tips regarding Pellegrino’s employment or any other information about him.

Name: Nunzio Pellegrino

Age: 37

Last known address: 6403 Ditman St., Philly

Affiliations: Keystone United, Keystone State Skinheads


Keystone United Exposed Day 18: Josh Martin


Josh Martin, member of Keystone State skinheads and neo-nazi. Martin’s KSS tattoo is visible on inside of right arm and he is wearing a shirt claiming that he shoots anti-racist skinheads.

Josh Martin is a neo-nazi member of Keystone State Skinheads who lives in or near Pittsburgh, PA.

Martin has recently tried to lock down his social media, probably due to the recent attention to Pittsburgh-area KSS members following their attack on a Black man in Avalon, PA. Martin was in attendance at KSS’ Yule Party in 2016 as well as other KU/KSS social events.

Martin (wearing KSS hoodie holding camera) with fellow KSS member Travis Cornell and other neo-nazis.
Josh Martin (on left side with arms around two guys next to him) at Keystone United’s Yule party.

Josh Martin works as a Mechanic/Welder for Local 154 of the Boilermakers Union, where has worked for about 3 years. If anyone is a member or has contacts with members of that union, we would like to talk with them. 

We are asking our readers to help us figure out more info about Josh Martin and send it our way.

Name: Josh Martin

Location: Pittsburgh-area

Employment: Mechanic/Welder for Boilermakers Union Local 154

Keystone United Exposed Day 17: Ian McCorts

Ian McCorts, Keystone State Skinheads nazi.

Ian McCorts is a 33 year old member of Keystone State Skinheads and Keystone United and a longtime neo-nazi. McCorts has attended several Leif Erikson day events, including this past fall.

McCorts (left, holding KSS flag) at Leif Erikson Day 2017.

McCorts is also a regular at KSS social events and participated in an Anti-Refugee protest in Harrisburg in late 2015 alongside other KSS members.

McCorts (center holding beer) at Keystone United’s Yule party.
Keystone United’s Leif Erikson Day after-party 2012. McCorts is center wearing a hat.
McCorts (right, holding KU banner) protesting against PA accepting refugees in Harrisburg.
McCorts (wearing KSS hoodie) along with non-KSS right wing protestors during demonstration against refugees.

It is important to note how Keystone United operates, which is to socially exist in the traditional white power skinhead scene, but politically exist in the mainstream right. This allows them to both push more overtly racist views within the mainstream right, and to bring “respectable americans” into their world through the social functions, and radicalize them that way.

McCorts’s last known address is 111 Crestview Vlg., Middletown, PA. He lives with his wife, LIndsey McCorts. We are asking our readers to help us find more info on this nazi and send it our way.


Name: Ian McCorts

Age: 33

Location: 111 Crewtview Vlg., Middletown, PA

Associations: Keystone State Skinheads, Keystone United

Keystone United Exposed Day 16: Michael, Elizabeth and Anthony Marcink

Blood and Honour nazis Michael and Elizabeth Marcink.


Blood and Honour nazis Elizabeth and Anthony Marcink attending Keystone United’s Leif Erikson Day in 2015.

Michael and Elizabeth Marcink are longtime neo-nazis who live in Indiana. Michael is a member of Blood and Honour and they are both supporters of Keystone United who have attended several Leif Erikson Day events in Philly, along with their son Anthony.

Mikey Marcink attending Leif Erikson Day 2013 in Fairmount Park with fellow nazis.


Anthony Marcink repping Vinlanders Social Club, another Blood and Honour affiliated group.

Despite living in Indiana, the Marcinks visits PA frequently and is a common attendee at social and political events organized by KU/KSS.

Anthony Marcink of Blood and Honour.


Mikey Marcink with fellow nazis, including Matthew Heimbach of Traditionalist Worker’s Party.


Anthony Marcink (rear left) attending Leif Erikson Day 2017 with Keystone United.


Mikey and Anthony Marcink at Keystone United yule party.

Elizabeth and Michael Marcink’s last known address is 817 Union St., Lagrange, IN. Anthony Marcink claims on social media to be working third shift for Dometic in Lagrange, IN. We are asking out readers to help us find out more information on the Marcinks so we can forward it to Indiana comrades.

Mikey and Anthony Marcink attending Leif Erikson Day 2017. Elizabeth was present at the after-party in FDR park that was called off after KSS members brutally assaulted 2 Anti-Racists who had arrived to protest.
Mikey Marcink attending Trump’s inauguration.

Names: Michael, Anthony and Elizabeth Marcink

Last Known Address: 817 Union St., Lagrange, IN

Affiliations: Blood and Honour, Keystone United, Keystone State Skinheads


Keystone United Exposed Day 15: Jason Tankersley

Jason Tankersley, longtime neo-nazi and co-founder of Maryland Skinheads. Tankersley is also a Keystone State Skinheads and Keystone United supporter.

Jason Tankersley is the 37 year-old (DOB 5/9/81) founder of Maryland Skinheads and a longtime neo-nazi who, in the past few years, has attempted to rehabilitate his image. Maryland Skinheads, or MDS, has always been a small crew with longstanding ties to Keystone State Skinheads.

Tankersley, center, with Steve Smith and Joe Phy of Keystone State Skinheads

Both crews appeared together in a National Geographic documentary in 2008 training and working together. Keystone United’s music festival, Uprise Fest, which ran for several years, was co-promoted with Label 56, a white power label run by MDS co-founder Clemie Haught. Uprise routinely featured Label 56 bands. Because of the discrepancy in size, MDS has largely functioned as a chapter of KSS for most of it’s existence.

Tankersley (right with arm around David Phillips) at Keystone United yule party with KSS and MDS.
Tankersley (l) with Traditionalist Worker’s Party leader (now of the National Socialist Movement) Matthew Heimbach and Keystone State Skinheads co-founder Steve Smith.

Tankersley was a nazi long before MDS or KSS were founded, participating in rallies by the National Alliance, The Aryan Nations and the KKK, among others white power groups. Tankersley was present at the 2004 Aryan Nations and National Socialist Movement rally in Valley Forge, PA where Anti-Fascists turned away large portions of the crowd and a few nazis got smashed.

Tankersley (center) with nazi buddies at Aryan Nations rally in Valley Forge, PA in 2004.

Tankersley was with Joe Phy and other KSS and MDS members when they harassed a Pride event in Philly with homophobic slurs and nazi salutes in 2006.

Tankersley with MDS member Doug Sonier harassing Philly Pride in 2006.

MDS members, including Tankersley, attacked Anti-Fascists in a Food Lion parking lot in Western Maryland when the two groups encountered each other on the way to a KKK rally on Antietam battlefield, also in 2006.

Tankersley is a former amateur boxer who now trains MMA out of his gym, Exile Fitness, in Rosedale, MD.  In many pictures above, you can see Tankersley wearing Exile branded clothing.

As we mentioned, Tankersley has attempted to rehabilitate his image in recent years. He has covered up his more inflammatory tattoos, and trains a diverse group of students which includes POC and women.  It also, however, sometimes includes fellow MDS members and other nazis.

Tankersley training with students. He has covered up his more inflammatory tattoos but still has a “MDS” tattoo on his stomach.

However, Tankersley has not cut any ties with MDS, KSS, or the far right. Tankersley continues to attend KSS events and actions. He still promotes far right racists like Tommy Robinson, founder of the nazi-infested “English Defense League.” He just doesn’t seem to take issues with collecting money from POC while buddying up with the same group whose members allegedly threatened to “exterminate every black one by one” during their racist assault in Avalon, PA this summer.

Tankersley’s last known address is 1107 Steelton Ave, Baltimore, MD.

If someone wants to leave the nazi life behind, we support that. However, you cannot continue to materially and rhetorically support a neo-nazi organization like KSS/KU and expect hanging out with fellow far right fascists who happen to be POC like Jimi Yamamoto of the band Total Annihilation to insulate you from the label nazi. Jimi Yamamoto is known for hanging out with nazis. Nazis have a long history of excusing politically aligned individuals who validate their ideology by conforming to so-called “white” and “male” behaviors and sensibilities.

Tankersley with Jimi Yamamoto of the far-right band Total Annihilation.

As for Tankersley’s business catering to people of all ethnicity, you can miss us on that shit. Taking someone’s money and turning around and donating it to a group that believes the United States belongs to white people (and control of it belongs to white men specifically) is a racist act, period.

It is unlikely that Tankersley’s students are all totally unaware of his history, and probable that he has spun them his own tale of redemption where he realized what matters is being a far right nationalist who supports “traditional” gender power dynamics and racial homogenization, regardless of WHICH race. However, we are still asking our readers to visit the Exile MMA Facebook page and remind them that by supporting Tankersley and his gym, they are supporting Maryland Skinheads, Keystone United and other far right racist groups and causes. There are already several unhappy reviews related to Tankerly fat-shaming and bullying a teenage girl as an internet troll.

Yeah just all around POS.


Name: Jason Tankersley

Last Known Address: 1107 Steelton Ave., Baltimore MD

Affiliations: Maryland Skinheads, Keystone State Skinheads, other white power groups before that.

Employment: Owner and trainer, Exile Mixed Martial Arts, Rosedale, MD.