Keystone United Exposed Day 25: Ryan Wojtowicz

Ryan Wojtowicz, Keystone United member and neo-nazi living in Nanticoke, PA.

Ryan F. Wojtowicz is a longtime nazi, white nationalist organizer, and very active member of Keystone United. Wojtowitcz has attended most, if not all, Leif Erikson Day events.

Wojtowicz models himself after KSS co-founder Steve Smith, and has followed him into the Luzerne County GOP as a committeeman.

Wojtowicz attended Hanover Area Junior-Senior High School and Luzerne County Community College.

Wojtowicz (r) with fellow Keystone United members. Wojtowicz is licking the nipple of Keystone State Skinheads member Steve Smith.


Wojtowicz (rear next to Steve Smith) at Leif Erikson Day 2012 after-party in Philly.
Wojtowicz (with hat) with Keystone United and Traditionalist Worker’s Party at the Traditionalist Youth Network’s conference in Philly in 2016.


Wojtowicz (left in Keystone United hoodie) at the KU Yule party.

Wojtowicz attends almost every Keystone United event in the area and has written content for their blog. Wojtowicz is also active in the Pennsylvania Council of Conservative Citizens, the European American Action Coalition, and the American Freedom Party. All projects Steve Smith is involved in as well (Smith and Wojtowicz founded the EAAC). Despite being only 28, he has been involved in White Nationalist organizing for nearly 10 years. Wojtowiczs’ last known address is 418 E. Noble St., Nanticoke, PA.

Wojtowicz (center) alongside Keystone United members participating in an “Overpasses Across America” anti-refugee protest as “European American Action Coalition.”
Keystone State Skinheads at Leif Erikson Day 2017 on Lemon Hill. Wojtowicz is holding the banner.
Wojtowicz (center next to Bob Gaus) with Keystone United and Tradtionalist Worker’s Party at Leif Erikson Day 2015. Hilariously bad photoshop courtesy of the nazis.
Wojtowicz with PA chapter of hate group Council of Conservative Citizens. Fellow Keystone United members Steve Smith and Jason Honeywell are present, as is National Vanguard nazi Erick Wiegel.
Ryan Wojitowicz (l) and Jason Honeywell (r), KU and Council of Conservative Citizens members.
Ryan Wojtowicz at Leif Erikson Day 2013 in Fairmount Park.

We are asking our readers to help us ascertain where Wojtowicz is working and send that, and any other info about him, our way.

Name: Ryan Wojtowicz

Age: 28

Last Known Address: 418 E. Noble St., Nanticoke, PA

Affiliations: Keystone United, Council on Conservative Citizens, European American Action Coalition, American Freedom Party, Luzerne County GOP