Keystone United Exposed Day 13: Brian Herb

Brian Herb, neo-nazi member of Blood and Honour USA and Keystone United supporter.

Brian Carlton Herb is a neo-nazi member of Blood and Honour USA and Keystone United supporter living in Pennsylvania. He is 45 years old.

Brian Herb (r) with fellow Blood and Honour boneheads posing in front of a Keystone State Skinheads banner, showing how meshed the two groups are in PA.
Herb (4th from left) with fellow Blood and Honour nazis.

Herb does not seem to be much of a presence at demonstrations but is a regular at the social events put on by Blood and Honour and Keystone United. It is important not to discount the value of these events. As we discussed in our intro article to this series, Keystone United and Blood and Honour use them as social lubricant when practicing entryism into more mainstream conservative circles as well as simultaneously recruiting from those circles.

Herb also was or is involved in New Nation Productions, which puts on neo-nazi shows in the area. Herb was described as the “founding father” of NNP by one of it’s principals, Justin Gloseck, in an interview for Keystone United’s website.

Herb (center with Blood and Honour t-shirt) with Keystone United and BNH boneheads.

According to a post on social media about a year ago, Brian Herb was working as a Manufacturing Supervisor for Polar Tech Industries, Inc. It is unknown whether Herb is still working there.

Herb was convicted in 2000 for possession of materials to manufacture narcotics and sentenced to 7 days to 18 months. He was convicted of assault in 2006. Herb was accused of leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license in 2013. He was charged last year with driving under the influence, possession, and driving without a license, among other traffic charges.

Herb was sentenced just this month to 3 days to 6 months in Northumberland County jail. Herb’s last known address is 867 W. Spruce St., Coal Township, PA. We are asking our readers to send us any additional info they have on Herb.

Herb repping Blood and Honour USA on Facebook.

Herb wearing a BNH t-shirt and “White Pride Cross” belt buckle.

Name: Brian Herb

Last Known Address: 867 W. Spruce St., Coal Township, PA 

Affiliations: Blood and Honour USA, Keystone United, Keystone State Skinheads