Keystone United Exposed Day 20: Jimmy Thorson

Jimmy Thorson, neo-nazi and Keystone United member.

Jimmy E. Thorson is a neo-nazi, Keystone United member, and Keystone State Skinheads supporter living in Carlisle, PA.

Thorson has attended several Leif Erikson Day events, and also went to support an Aryan Nations rally of 12 in Gettysburg in 2010 but ended up leaving early muttering about how pathetic they were.

Thorson at Leif Erikson Day 2012.

Unfortunately, Thorson did not wise up after that and started getting involved with KSS and Keystone United. Thorson attends many Keystone United events, and was also spotted with Bob Gaus at the Trump rally in Harrisburg.

Thorson (l) with KSS members at Trump rally in Harrisburg.

Thorson attended an anti-refugee rally in Harrisburg with KU last year.

Thorson (2nd row behind Bob Gaus) with Keystone United at anti-refugee protest in Harrisburg.

Thorson’s last know address is 120 W. Willow St., Carlisle PA. We know that Thorson had been working at a grocery store in Carlisle, but do not know if his employment status has changed in recent years. Thorson has also worked for an events company as a seasonal employee and also claims to have just enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University, likely doing online courses.

Thorson working for Carlisle events.


Thorson in his Anti-Antifa hoodie.
Thorson with KSS and MDS members. Apologies for size.
Thorson putting up KU stickers at his work site a few years ago.

Name: Jimmy E. Thorson

Age: 30s

Last known address: 120 W. Willow St. Apt C, Carlisle, PA.

Affiliations: Keystone United Member, Keystone State Skinheads Supporter