Keystone United Exposed Day 4: Joseph and Stacey Phy

Stacey and Joe Phy, Keystone United members. Joe is also a Keystone State Skinheads member. They live in Philadelphia.

Joseph and Stacey (Sautner) Phy are longtime neo-nazis who live in Philadephia. Joe is a Keystone State Skinheads and Keystone United member, Stacey is a Keystone United member and KSS supporter.

Joe Phy (2nd from left) with Keystone State Skinheads members in Philly.

Joe Phy has been a member of Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United since their inception, or shortly after. He is a committed National Socialist who reps being both Heathen and Asatru (check out Heathens United Against Racism for all the latest on the struggle from within those beliefs against nazis like the Phys) . Joe Phy is extremely active in KU/KSS. Stacey Phy is also reps Asatru.

Stacey Phy (laughing with arms around 2 other women) campaigning for KSS co-founder Steve Smith.
Joe and Stacey Phy at Leif Erikson Day 2012 after party with Keystone United.
Philly KSS a few year ago. The Phys are on the left. Apologies for the size of the pic.
KSS at Leif Erikson Day 2017 in Philly. Joe Phy is wearing the cap and Anti-Antifa t-shirt in rear center.

Phy has been involved in assaults on anti-racists, as well as other violence, and was once under house arrest for an assault conviction. Phy was with a group of neo-nazi that came to a Pride event in Philly in 2006, spewing homophobic hate and nazi salutes before quickly leaving.

Joe Phy (right, no shirt) at a Philly Pride event in 2006 with other nazis.
Joe Phy harassing a Pride event in Philly in 2006.

Phy has attended most Leif Erikson Day events in Philly, and has helped organize them. He also travels around the state to almost every KSS-related event, participating in Anti-Refugee “Overpasses Across America” campaign, among others.

Phy (2nd from right) at Overpasses Across America with other KSS members.

Phy was last known to be working at the Metal Shop on Cottman Ave. Phy is not shy about his affiliations so it is definitely possible they are aware that he is a KSS member. Attempts to call the Metal Shop to confirm were not successful.

Stacey Phy works as a Contact Center Agent for the city at 3-1-1. We are aksing out readers to call Managing Director Michael DiBerandis at (215) 686-3480 and demand that Stacey Phy be fired for her continued involvement in Keystone United and Keystone State Skinheads. Having a neo-nazi working for the city in any capacity is unacceptable.

Joe Phy (center, in hat) and KSS members alongside polish neo-nazis in Jersey City, NJ in 2013
Joe Phy (r) with fellow KSS members.
Joe Phy with fellow KSS members.
Joey Phy having a really good time at Leif Erikson Day 2013 surrounded by protesters.
Phy wearing his KSS gear.

Names: Joseph Phy and Stacey Phy (Sautner)

Affiliation: Keystone State Skinheads, Keystone United, Blood and Honour USA

Last Known Address: 4383 Salmon Street, Philadelphia PA

Workplace: Joe @ The Metal Shop, Cottman Avenue, Stacey works @ 3-1-1