Keystone United Exposed Day 24: Joseph Hoesch

Joeseph Hoesch. Neo- nazi, former Keystone State Skinheads member, and current Atlantic City Skins associate living in Philadelphia.

Joseph Hoesch was a founding member of Keystone State Skinheads, who is no longer a member but is still a neo-nazi (though he lacks the courage to admit it in the street) and has been spotted around the city harassing leftist events, including demonstrations against the Trump Administration by larger, more liberal groups, and the #OccupyICEPHL encampment.

Joe Hoesch wearing a Waffen SS t-shirt and harassing the #occupyICEPHL encampment in Philly with a few fellow nazis.

Joseph Hoesch was involved in forming KSS in 2001, and was present with them the following year in York, PA, when Nazis rallying with the National Alliance and Creativity Movement were routed and sent fleeing the city by locals and Anti-Fascists. Hoesch was injured at some point in the melee.

Hoesch was married to his future ex-wife by Creativity Movement “Pontifex Maximus” Matthew Hale on the Aryan Nations compound. Hale would be imprisoned for conspiring to murder a federal judge who had ruled against the group over a copyright issue.

Joe Hoesch, former Barricada magazine “Bloody Bonehead of the Month.”

Following his ex-wife’s departure from the white power movement, Hoesch wasn’t seen around for several years, but was alongside KSS in Tacony around 4 years ago when they countered our March Against Racists and Rapists.

Hoesch was all tough talk that day, but when he was seen again last November he denied still being a Nazi. This was proven false a few weeks later when he was hanging out with AC Skins’ members when they were at a Murphy’s Law show in Philly.

Hoesch discussing nazi patches and defunct white power distro Micetrap records with AC Skins member Vinny DeFelice.

As we mentioned, Hoesch showed up at least twice at the #OccupyICEPHL encampment, once wearing a Neo-Nazi t-shirt and with another bonehead. Hoesch is no longer a member of KSS, but this is a result of him sleeping with KSS Co-Leader Bob Gaus’ fiancee, Valerie, and not a change of heart.

Hoesch works as a window cleaner, and has his own business, Hoesch Window Cleaning Service. He has it registered at his home address, 3255 Chatham Street, here in Philly.

We are asking our readers to go to the Angie’s List page for Hoesch Window Cleaning Service and leave reviews that make people aware that the business is run by a longtime neo-nazi who has a history of violence and harassing liberals and leftists, unprovoked.

Hoesch wearing the shirt of AC Skins band Aggravated Assault.

Name: Joseph Hoesch

Last known address: 3255 Chatham Street, Philadelphia

Employment: Hoesch Window Cleaning Service

Associations: Keystone State Skinheads Co-Founder and Ex-Member, Atlantic City Skins associate.