Keystone United Exposed Day 8: Timothy Wylie

EDIT 9/17/18: According to our friends at Central PA Antifa:

“Tim Wylie was convicted of 3 separate firearms felonies and sentenced on January 16th to 2-4 years in SCI Camp Hill and 3 years state probation to run concurrent with confinement. As of August 7, 2018, he is confined at Quehanna Boot Camp.”

Article has been updated to reflect that info.

Tim Wylie, Keystone State Skinheads and Keystone United member.

Tim Wylie is a neo-nazi member of Keystone State Skinheads and Keystone United. Wylie joined KSS more recently, in the past few years. Wylie was present when KSS was providing security for the National Socialist Movement demo in Harrisburg 2 years ago. He also attends all their social events such as their Yule and St. Patrick’s Day parties. Wylie was present at Leif Erikson Day in Philly last fall.

Wiley (right front with backwards cap) with fellow KSS members at Leif Erikson Day 2017 in Fairmount Park.

Wylie was arrested in 2016 for driving without a license while carrying a handgun with the serial number removed as a felon. KSS co-founder Bob Gaus started a fundrazr for Wylie, but it did not meet it’s goal.

Wiley with KSS at Leif Erikson Day 2017. Wiley is wearing a KSS hoodie.


Wiley with KSS bandanna.


Wylie is 25 years old. His last known address was 6111 Blue Valley Ave, Harrisburg PA.  However, Wylie was convicted of three firearms felonies in January and began a 2-4 year sentence, and as of this writing is being house at Quehanna Boot Camp, a military style program run by the PA Department of Corrections.  Pretty lenient sentencing for a repeat offender just convicted of 3 firearms felonies.

Wiley (with glasses next to Bob Gaus) with Keystone United demonstrating against refugees in Harrisburg, PA.
Wylie, kneeling front and center with glasses, at the Keystone United yule party.


Wylie, back right with glasses, hanging out with fellow Keystone State Skinheads and Blood and Honour nazis.


Name: Timothy Richard Wylie

Age: 25

Last known address: 6111 Blue Valley Ave, Harrisburg PA.

Affiliations: Keystone State Skinheads, Keystone United