Keystone United Exposed Day 7: Bryan and Patricia Vanagaitis

Bryan and Patricia Vanagaitis, neo-nazis and members of Keystone United. Bryan is also a member of Keystone State Skinheads.

Bryan and Patricia Vanagaitis are long time neo-nazis. Bryan is a member of both Keystone United and Keystone State Skinheads, Patricia is a KU member and KSS supporter. The two of them lived in Philly for many years, using a house they lived in on Ditman St. as a sort of home base for KSS, letting some of their members live there at times and used the house for meetings.

Philly KSS in the basement of Bryan Vanagaitis’ old house. From l to r, Vanagaitis, Joey Phy and AJ Olsen.
The Vanagaitis’ with Philly Keystone United.

Back in 2014, after we finished running the klan out of Tacony (including recently sentenced klansman Richard Preston), we and some locals paid a visit to the house and held a home demo. A few weeks later they had left the city for Highspire, PA, located a few miles outside Harrisburg.

Bryan Vanagaitis wearing his KSS flight jacket.
Philly KSS singing at one of their Yule events. Bryan Vanagaitis is on the right in KSS flight jacket.
Vanagaitis (behind Bob Gaus and AJ Olsen) with fellow KSS members.

The Vanagaitis’ can be found at pretty much all KSS events, including their Leif Erikson Day celebrations that happen here in Philly every October. Patricia was involved in campaigning for Steve Smith’s reelection to the Luzerne County GOP Committee.

Patricia Vanagaitis (front right) wearing “Vote for Steve Smith” shirt with other Keystone United members and supporters. Smith is in the back.

Their last known address was 209 Frederick Street, Highspire, PA. 

Bryan Vanagaitis with his KSS shirt.

We are asking our readers to get creative with ways to expose the Vanagaitis’ as neo-nazi organizers to their community, as well as sending any additional info on these two, to us.

Bryan and Patricia Vanagaitis at Leif Erikson Day 2013 with fellow nazis surrounded by protesters.
Leif Ericson Day 2012 after party. Both are visible in crowd.
Keystone State Skinheads at Leif Erikson Day 2017 on Lemon Hill. Bryan Vanagaitis is in center with cap and sunglasses.

Names: Bryan and Patricia Vanagaitis

Last Known Address: 209 Frederick Street, Highspire, PA

Affiliations: Keystone State Skinheads, Keystone United