Keystone United Exposed Day 9 – Cory Button and Courtney Miller

Cory Button and Courtney Miller, neo-nazi and Keystone United Associates.

Cory Eugene Button and Courtney Miller are neo-nazis and Keystone United associates living in Jersey Shore, PA. Button has attended at least one of the KSU Leif Erikson Day events in Philly (2016) and they have both attended the various movement-building social events KU puts on during the year, including a BBQ in central PA. Cory Button is 40 years old (DOB 11/5/77).

Leif Erikson Day 2016, where KSS and Traditionalist Worker’s Party rallied in secret on Kelly Drive in Philly.
Button and Miller wearing nazi gear. His hoodie has the white pride world wide celtic cross logo and her shirt says “Keystone United supporter.”

Their last known address is 411 Wilson St., Jersey Shore, PA. Button claims to have formerly worked in horizontal drilling for H&H Enterprises. It is not known what either of them is doing for work now. We are asking our readers to send us any verifiable information as to their employment statuses.

Nazi Cory Button on the way to work.
Button and Miller posing in front of a white power flag.
Cory Button. His shirt reads “United States of Anti-Antifa.”
Photo from front of Button and Miller’s home. They are flying a modified nazi battle flag with the swastika replaced by another common neo-nazi symbol, the black sun.

Names: Cory Button and Courtney Miller

Last known address: 411 Wilson St., Jersey Shore, PA

Employment: Unknown; Button may be working in horizontal drilling.

Affiliations: Keystone United supporters. Button may be a probational member.