Keystone United Exposed Day 30 – Jason Cunningham

NOTE: Today, Leif Erikson Day, is Day 30 of our month-long series “Keystone United Exposed.” Before we get to today’s article, we wanted to let everyone know to check back tomorrow for a BONUS DAY of Keystone United exposed. You didn’t think we were done… did you?

Keystone State Skinheads member Jason Cunningham.

Jason Cunningham is a neo-nazi and longtime Keystone State Skinheads member. He has been in attendance at several of the Leif Erikson Day events in Philly as well as other KSS protests and actions around PA. He grew up in New Jersey, at different times attending Pitman High School and Arthur P. Schalick HS in Gloucester County and Elmer, respectively, and then lived in Lancaster for a while, during his time with KSS. Cunningham left PA at some point, so we are unsure his activities currently, but he is still a nazi and KSS member.

A more recent pic of Cunningham with his wife. Anti-Communism is a common obsession for KSS members.
Cunningham (l) with Philly Keystone State Skinheads members. Note the KSS sticker and book “White Power” by influential american nazi George Lincoln Rockwell.
Cunningham marching with KSS at the 2012 Leif Erikson Day.
Jason Cunningham in his KSS shirt.
Cunningham with fellow KSS members. Cunningham is 4th from the left.

Cunningham’s last known address was 1190 Norwood Road, Mansfield, TN. He lives with his wife, Danielle King. We are asking our readers to help us with any other verifiable information they can gather on Cunningham.

Cunningham (r) with KSS members and polish neo-nazis in Jersey City, NJ.

Name: Jason Cunningham

Last known address: 1190 Norwood Road, Mansfield, TN

Associations: Keystone State Skinheads, Keystone United