Keystone United Exposed: BONUS DAY

Oh, you didn’t think we were done, did you?

Here’s a list of more (but not all) Keystone United and Keystone State Skinheads members, supporters and associates from our intel files, in no particular order:

Keystone United supporter Blake Luca. Luca runs a neo-nazi podcast called “Revenge of the Cis.”
Brandon Minor is a Keystone United and Blood and Honour supporter living in Lebanon, IN.
Cody Haulman is a Keystone State Skinheads and Keystone United member living in Lancaster, PA. Haulman rallied with KSS in Harrisburg last year and has attended members-only functions.
“Damon Backwoods,” Keystone State Skinheads associate.
Andrew Boyle, former KSS member who is still friendly with them and now associates with Atlantic City Skinheads.
Gary Robinson, Blood and Honour member living in Virginia. Robinson owns Hardline Tattoo in Richmond.
Heather Brewer (r), Keystone United member and Keystone State Skinheads supporter. Pictured with her recently deceased partner, Travis Cornell, who died within a day or 2 of being charged for the bias attack in Avalon, PA alongside other KSS members and associates. Brewer remains a vocal KSS supporter and helped organize their Blue Eyed Devils show in central PA on Sept. 15th.
“Jesse R. Hesse,” Blood and Honour member living in Fircrest, WA.
Jordan Shull, Keystone United supporter.
Josh Patton, KSS supporter living in Coatesville, PA.
Rob Julason, longtime KSS associate living in Aston, PA. Julason was present with KSS in 2006 when they attempted to harass a Pride event in Philly.
Shizelle Kurtz, Keystone United supporter living in Atlantic City, NJ. Kurtz works as a waitress at Harrah’s Atlantic City.
Paul Augustson of he band Norsewind. Norsewind attended and played the after party for several Leif Erikson Day events, even after being made aware of KSS’ real politics. Augustson maintains friendly relations with KSS.
Keystone United supporter Chad Richardson.


Christian Nell, Keystone United supporter living in Harrisburg. Nell works for Faulkner Honda.


Keystone United supporter Christopher Beatty. Lives in Belcamp, MD
Scot Costa (l), Keystone State Skinheads member. Possibly living in Carlisle or Camp Hill, PA.
Dani Riccio, Keystone State Skinheads supporter.
Keystone United supporter Dave Althouse
Blood and Honour associate and Keystone United supporter Justin Gloseck. Gloseck is involved in running “New Nation Productions,” which puts on neo-nazi shows in Pennsylvania. Gloseck also runs “Peace Metal Productions,” which he uses as to do non-white power shows.
Vinlanders Social Club member and KSS supporter Don Hansard. Hansard was present at Leif Erikson Day in Philly in 2013.
Blood and Honour member Donald Palmer.
The band Final Verdict. The woman on the left’s name is Elizabeth and the man’s name is Liam Schaff. Schaff is a KSS member. The band opened for the Blue Eyed Devils at a Keystone United organized show in Central PA on Sept. 15th. Schaff also rallied with KSS at Leif Erikson Day in 2017.
Keystone United supporter Gabe Bracale. Lives in PA.


Grainne Feeley, member of Keystone United front group European American Action Coalition and KSS supporter.


“Jack Knipe,” Keystone United supporter living in York, PA.


Jason Augustus, Traditionalist Worker’s Party member and Keystone United supporter.
Keystone United supporter Jay Fuchs.
Keystone United supporter Jed Bothelho
Keystone United supporter Jesse Clime (l)
Keystone State Skinheads and Blood and Honour affiliate Jimmy Conway.
Keystone United supporter “Joey Idol”
Hammerskin and Keystone United supporter Johnny Tod Kopko (l)
Blood and Honour affiliate “Kass Anova”


Keystone United supporter Kevin Marburger.
Keystone United supporter Kimberly McGeary.
Keystone United supporter Kyle Thomas. Thomas also hangs with AC Skins. He lives in Philly.
Keystone United supporter Lisa Burns.
Keystone United affiliate and Keystone State Skinheads supporter Lorie Monahan.
Keystone United supporter Mark McGarry (r)
Keystone United supporter Michael Innokentii
Keystone United affiliate Michael Sokoloski. Sokoloski has been a nazi since the 1980s, and once appeared on an episode of “People are Talking,” a talk show similar to Geraldo alongside fellow nazis. 
Keystone United supporter Michelle Bell.
Blood and Honour member and Keystone United affiliate Moe Sandeqski. Sandeqski is also involved in New Nations productions.
Keystone United supporter Micco Malick (r).
Keystone United supporter Nicholas Gervasio.
Keystone United supporter Paul Spohn.
Keystone United supporters Ron and Tiffany Shirley.
Keystone United supporter Ryan Reidell.
Keystone United supporter Sandro Botticelli.


Blood and Honour affiliate Scott William.
Keystone united suppoter Scott Barton (r).
Keystone United supporter Steve Dilks (l) with his son, who he describes as “total white power.”
Keystone State Skinheads affiliate “Thor Farabaugh.”
Keystone United supporter Travis Condor.
Keystone United supporter Venita Harlan.
Keystone United supporter William Reardon.

Check in tomorrow for our wrap up article for this series.