Keystone United Exposed Day 27: Michael Rearich

Blood and Honour nazi Michael Rohrich not-so-subtly hinting at his Keystone State Skinheads affiliations.

Michael S. Rearich is a 32 year old (DOB 8/27/86)  neo-nazi member of Blood and Honour’s Club 28 and affiliate of Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United.

Rearich posting a disguised swastika. One of the commentators, Jay Cunningham, is a KSS member.

Rearich lives in York, PA., though he was in Tucson, AZ last month and may still be there.

Rearich is close with Mikey Marcink, also of Blood and Honour, and lived with Marcink in Indiana for a time.

Rearich (r) with Mikey Marcink, another blood and honour nazi. Lots of nazi imagery present in this pic, including numerical code 88 for HH or heil hitler and the black sun.

Rearich was with Marcink and other neo-nazis at the disastrous Leif Erikson Day in 2013 when Keystone United and Blood and Honour were dwarfed and drowned out by counter protesters.

Rearich pled guilty to corruption of minors in 2008 and received 2 years probation with 65 hours of community service.

Rearich at Leif Erikson Day 2013.

Rearich (2nd from right) with Marcink of Blood and Honour, Joe Phy of KSS and Matthew Heimbach of TWP (and now NSM).
Rearich wearing a Blood and Honour USA t-shirt.
Rearich (in the back left side) attending Keystone United’s yule party.

Rearich’s last known address is 27 Maple Road, York, PA. We are asking our readers to send us any more info they can find on Rearich, especially related to employment.

Name: Michael Rearich

Last Known Address: 27 Maple Road, York, PA

Affiliations: Blood and Honour Club 28, Keystone State Skinheads supporter.