From One Peoples Project: The annual ritual of making David Irving’s life miserable is about to begin again! Here’s a refresher: Every year the Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving comes out to the US from the UK, and attempts to hold meetings and talks to promote his notion that the Nazis were just misunderstood and they didn’t really kill over 11 million innocent people , six million of them the Jews they hated so much.  This year, he is going around the country extolling the virtues of Adolf Hitler! (click link for more)


Irving’s tour begins today in Melbourne, FL. Here is a complete list of the dates and locations.


November 6- Melbourne, FL

November 7- charleston, SC

November 8- Columbia, SC

November 9- Carlotte NC

November 10- Raleigh, NC

November 11- Richmond, VA

Novmeber 15- Washington DC

November 16- Baltimore

November 17- Philadelphia

November 18- Princeton

November 19- Northern NJ

November 22- NYC

November 23- New Haven

November 24-Manchester, NH

November 26-Syracuse, NY

Devcember 1- Cleveland, OH

December 2- Pittsburgh, OH

December 3- Columbus, OH

December 4- Cincinatti, OH

December 6- Indianapoli, IN

December 7- Chicago, Illinois

December 8- St. Louis, MO

December 9- Jackson Missisipi

December 10- Montgomery, AL

December 12- Nashville, TN

December 13- Knoxville, TN


Let’s show David Irving and his Nazi fans that he is not welcome anywhere. If you have any info, or to request info, about any of these events feel free to e-mail us at phillyantifascists@gmail.com.