“Hey Bonehead, If the Cops Weren’t Here You Would be Getting Fucked Up Right Now:” A Reportback From Leif Erikson Day 2013


On October 19th, 2013 a coalition of Neo-Nazis from as far away as Texas, massed together by the Blood and Honour network and led by the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS), converged on Philadelphia with the intention to march in formation through Faimrount park and rally at the statue of Thorfin Karlsefni.

From the moment they (numbering 30-40) arrived at the top of lemon hill the boneheads knew they were in for a long day.  They were immediately set upon by an equal number of protestors who hurled insults and abuse at them and the police protecting them.  At first Philly KSS head A.J. Olsen was pleasantly surprised at the turnout by Anti-Racists, but had his hopes deflated as moments later another 100+ protestors made their way up Lemon Hill and blocked their march route, linking arms and chanting “DEATH, DEATH, DEATH TO THE NAZIS…”

Civil Affairs police attempted to force their way past the bloc of Antifascists, who refused to give way. After several attempt to circumvent or push through the bloc, a few of the Nazi organizers frantically attempted to salvage the situation.  Eventually they chose to abandon their attempts to march completely and instead to just walk down Lemon Hill in pairs and individuals with their own police escorts. Never has the old chant “the cops and klan go hand in hand” looked so literal.

This created what must have been the strangest and most exciting moment of the day, when the 200+ demonstrators, 30+ Nazis and 50+ civil affairs police met in a large mass, strolling down lemon hill together. One Antifa ripped the banner KSS has brought from their hands. One instantly-legendary lady Antifascist grabbed Vinlanders Social Club founder Brien James by the neck and arm and pulled him down until a civil affairs officer stepped in to rescue him from her. There were several more scuffles like that and by the time the Nazis reached the bottom of the hill the protestors had formed up in front of the statue while others enveloped the Nazis and cops on all sides.

Two Boneheads trying to snitch on an Antifascist who had torn one of the poles off their banner to the cops that were protecting them. No surprise there they snitch on each other so often. Fortunately, the Antifa escaped arrest.

The Nazis attempted to put on a brave face but were clearly rattled.  Several of them made short speeches in a bullhorn but were drowned out by the jeering crowd of protestors and Antifascists. Brien James had the nerve to claim that we had “failed” to prevent them from holding their event, conveniently ignoring the fact that without the police protection they would have gotten stomped out the second they left their cars on lemon hill.  Well, Brien, I guess that depends on how you define failure. For example, someone might say that when a group holds a march in formation for 6 years and then on the 7th is forced to run down the hill holding the hands of police detectives, one might call that a failure.  When a group tries to lay wreath at a statue and cannot for five consecutive years because of a mass of people in opposition to them blocking their way, one might call that a failure.  When the supposed largest Network of Neo-Nazis in this whole world can only mobilize 30-40 boneheads willing to show their faces in Philadelphia, scraping the bottom of the barrel (Aryan Teror Brigade, Advanced White Society and NSM, really?) and going as far as Texas for support, one might call THAT a failure.

Unfortunately, outside of light scuffling the Nazis escaped unscathed thanks to the police. Fortunately, there were no arrests.

Some of the Nazis who made the trip to Fairmount to be humiliated include:

Anthony James Olsen, Philadelphia Director of KSS and organizer of LED
Bob Gaus, member of KSS
Bryan P. Vaganaitis, Philly KSS
Patrick Rogers, KSS Supporter who lives in Williamsport, PA
Heidi McCarthy, KSS Supporter
Joseph Phy, Philly KSS
Ryan Wojitowicz, a member of the American Freedom Party and European American Action Coalition, support of KSS. Lives in Nanticoke, PA
Patricia Vanagaitis. Married to and lives with Bryan.
Patricia Vanagaitis. Married to and lives with Bryan.
William “Bill” Decker. Active with Vinlanders and Blood and Honour. Lives in Rockton, PA. Works at Horizontal Well Drillers in Luthersville, PA. Their number is (814) 583-5074.
Elizabeth & Mikey Marcink VSC
Mikey Marcink. Active with Vinlanders. Pictured here with wife and fellow Nazi Elizabeth Marcink. They live in Shipshewana, IN.
Michael Rohrich, active with Blood and Honour and Vinlanders. Lives in York, PA. From Fayetville, NC originally.
Donald Palmer VSC
Donald Palmer, Vinlanders. Lives in Irwin, PA
Brien James, Founder of Vinlanders. Lives in Indianapolis.
Patrick D. Westfall, Vinlanders
Dan Hansard VSC Driving
Don Hansard, Vinlanders. His jacket said Oklahoma but he lives in Arlington, TX and is from Florida originally.
Matt Heimbach, founder of Traditionalist Youth Movement
James Hastings, KSS Supporter
Ron Sheehy, member of Advance White Society  from Tremley Point, NJ.
Ron Sheehy, member of Advance White Society from Tremley Point, NJ.
Elizabeth McGrill, KSS Supporter. Why are all of these people named Pat, Matt,  Brian or Elizabeth?
Jay Butterbaugh, Blood and Honour. Lives in Holidaysburg, PA
Matt Parrot, Traditionalist Youth Network
Kevin McKeegan, supporter of KSS. Active with EAAC and CCC. Lives in New Jersey

As per usual, we accept any and all verifiable intelligence on these clowns.

This is only another battle in the war against Blood and Honour. No one is buying this shit about a “Kinder, Gentler White Nationalist” except for idiots who believe what they read in the Philadelphia Weekly. The rest of us know what you do and what you’re about. You claim the random racist and homophobic/transphobic violence is all in the past?


That is a picture from this years’ Leif Erikson Day Celebration. Notice anything interesting, other than what that one lady is wearing? Seriously, she looks like she just woke up from 1985. But no, not her:


The bonehead walking next to Jay Butterbaugh is wearing an Aryan Terror Brigade bandanna. Two Aryan Terror Brigade members were convicted LAST AUGUST of attacking two Egyptian men in a random racist attack in New Jersey following a SOCIAL GATHERING of Neo-Nazis, not unlike Leif Erikson Day. Oh, and Aryan Terror Brigade was also started by this man.

We have no intention of letting Philadelphia be a rallying location for Blood and Honour, KSS, or any of these other little fucking crews of douche bags watering down their politics for the T.V. cameras and puffing out their chests. Oh, and those of you that who were too cowardly to actually even show up in Fairmount and just went to the after-party:

KSS Founder and Chairman Steve Smith
KSS Founder and Chairman Steve Smith, center.

You don’t get a pass either.

See You Soon,

Philly Antifa