What They Mean When They Say Community: Reportback from March Against Racists and Rapists

On September 6th, Antifa Philadelphia held a small demonstration and March in the Tacony section of North Philly. The motivation and call can be read here.

When we arrived, we were greeted by some opposition. “Wait,” you say… “How could anyone oppose something called ‘The March Against Racists and Rapists?’”

Enter Keystone United, also known as the Keystone State “Skinheads.”


KSS was so terrified of this event that they called every person they could to get them to come back them up. All in all, they called out about 10-20 boneheads who proceeded to threaten and harass protestors as they arrived. They were joined by one family, who has produced to date at least 2 Neo-Nazi scum spawn, and the head of the Tacony town watch, who was mad about being trolled by an Antifa Philadelphia member online after calling on us to cancel our march in the name of “maintaining the peace.” A member who told him exactly how we feel about groups like his. He had also alerted the police and must have told him something pretty wild because they were out in force that day.

A few days ago, KSS released their take on the events on their blog. Typical for Fascists, it was laughably inaccurate.

First, they referenced an incident a week earlier when a 9 year old boy was grazed by a bullet at the same intersection, and criticized Antifascists for not being out there to protest against gun violence; members of a Neo-Nazi gang of assaulters, rapists and murderers.

Ah, yes, "Stop the Violence"
I think we all remember KSS’ classic “Stop the Gun Violence” campaign.

The Nazis claimed that the only people at the march were a handful of Antifa Philadelphia members while they received community support from “many locals of every race and color.”

In sum, KSS’ report back was another example of KSS tying to paint adversaries as “outside agitators.”

For a group that isn’t the Klan, KSS sure is the Klan.

Forgetting even for a moment that we don’t need anyone’s permission to protest against Nazis and Rapists, KSS is just lying.

Here is the entire opposition to the March Against Racists and Rapists, minus at most 1-3 people.


We know these faces. They came from Harrisburg. Scranton. Mechanicsburg. Altoona. New Jersey. KSS was so scared by this march they rang the alarm to their entire network of members and supporters. Those are the people who came out in Tacony against us to accuse us of being “outside agitators.”

This is what KSS means when it says “community.” It means their community of White Fascists. That’s who counts in their mind. The people that came out to support Antifa Philadelphia, the people who we spoke with while flyering that neighborhood during the lead up for the march who expressed sympathy for our goals, the people of color and GLBT and anti-racists could never be from “their” community.

Here are some of the Nazis who opposed Antifa Philadelphia and our supporters.

Anthony James Olsen, Director of Philly KSS. Lives at 2913 Knorr street in Mayfair.
Anthony James Olsen, Director of Philly KSS. Lives at 2913 Knorr street in Mayfair.
Joseph Phy, KSS - 4383 Salmon St., Philadelphia PA
Joseph Phy, Philly KSS member – 4383 Salmon St. in Bridesburg.
Steve Smith (l), KSS Chairman. Steve's dancing partner is Blood and Honour Nazi and convicted murderer Charles Marovskis
Steve Smith (l), KSS Chairman. Lives in Luzerne County. Steve’s dancing partner is Blood and Honour Nazi and convicted murderer Charles Marovskis
Pat Rodgers, KSS supporter who we last heard was being indicted for Child Endangerment. Hope KSS is as concerned about those kids as they are about the one who got grazed by that stray bullet.
Pat Rodgers, KSS supporter who we last heard was being indicted for Child Endangerment. Hope KSS is as concerned about those kids as they are about the one who got grazed by that stray bullet. Also not from Philly.
Ron Sheehy, member of Advance White Society  from Linden, NJ.
Ron Sheehy, member of Advanced White Society from Linden, NJ.
Bob Gaus, KSS co-founder. Lives in Harrisburg.
Bob Gaus, KSS co-founder. Lives in Harrisburg.
Joseph Hoesch KSS invitee
Joseph Hoesch, KSS Co-Founder. Lives in Abington

Our crowd was almost entirely Philadelphia residents, with the majority being from Tacony. And not only Philly residents, but ones willing to stand out in the pouring rain surrounded by police while Neo-Nazis snarled and screamed at them. And give it back to them. A crowd of people who feel that a situation where Klansman and Nazis are recruiting youth and assaulting women in the street is unacceptable. People interested in little things like freedom and equality. That’s a community. Not a bunch of guys on a phone tree who live hours away from you.

It was inevitable that KSS would try and claim this as a victory. We see it more as the beginning of the end for them in the last neighborhood in Philly they felt safe.

Antifa Philadelphia

P.S. – Daryle at OPP was in attendance and has his take as well.

Shut Down Death in June in Pittsburgh

Antifascists in Pittsburgh have set up a website to try and get show by Nazi band Death in June scheduled there this Thursday, May 29th.


(taken from above link)

Death in June, the musical project of British white supremacist Douglas Pearce, is scheduled to perform at the Rex Theater in the South Side of Pittsburgh on May 29th as part of a US tour. Playing a mix of experimental neofolk and post-industrial music, Death in June has a long history of using fascist symbolism and of supporting and raising money for white supremacist groups. Their shows have been shut down in cities across the United States through call-in campaigns and demonstrations. Some venues, including in San Francisco and Los Angeles, have had their locks glued, windows smashed, and facades spraypainted before, during, or after recent Death in June tour dates.We are opposed to Douglas Pearce and his project for both his use of fascist symbolism and for his concrete, prolonged support of white supremacist organizing:

  •  In 1992 during Yugoslavia’s civil war, Douglas Pearce visited the front lines to meet with and show support to Croatian fascist militants and later contributed music recordings to compilation records that helped raise money for fascist military efforts.
  • That same year, Death in June canceled their appearance at the Dark X-mas festival in Hamburg after organizers issued a statement condemning recent white supremacist attacks on immigrants in Germany. DIJ also refused to play the Festival of Darkness in 1994 because the show was promoted as being against racism and neo-Nazism.
  • Death in June songs were included in a tribute to Leni Riefenstahl, a director behind some of the most well known propaganda films in Nazi Germany.
  • Douglas Pearce has repeatedly expressed support for white nationalist and white supremacist Euro-centric movements in interviews.

To disrupt the ability of Death in June and the fascist elements of their fan base to support ongoing white supremacist organizing we are planning a call-in and online campaign to pressure the Rex Theater/Grey Area Productions to shut down this show.


The Rex Theater is managed by Grey Area Productions. We are unsure if Grey Area is aware of the white supremacist politics of Death in June, and we are encouraging people to call, email, post to their Facebook page and reach out to them on Twitter with this information and to convince them to do the right thing by canceling this show.

The Rex Theater and Grey Area Productions can both be reached by phone at:


Email contacts for Grey Area:

Ben Penigar (founder): ben@greyareaprod.com

Scott Forsyth (booking): scott@greyareaprod.com

Xander Hendrickson (promotion): xander@greyareaprod.com

General: contact@greyareaprod.com

Grey Area Productions can be found on Facebook: facebook.com/GreyAreaPGH
And on Twitter: @GreyAreaPGH

The Rex Theater can be found on Facebook: facebook.com/RexTheater
And on Twitter: @RexTheater

Sample E-mail:

“I am e-mailing you to inform you that Death in June, a white supremacist band, is scheduled to play at the Rex Theater on May 29th. This band uses fascist imagery as a part of their shows and has a history of supporting white supremacist movements.

Death in June has been included on various white supremacist music compilations, has backed out of festivals that were raising money to combat neo-Nazism, and has repeatedly expressed support for white nationalist and supremacist movements.

Death in June shows have been protested, sabotaged, and even banned in certain regions for decades. Especially in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where they have particularly strong neo-Nazi followings.

I have no reason to believe that anyone at the Rex or at Grey Area Productions supports these kinds of politics and actions. However, I hope that Grey Area will do the right thing by canceling this show that will undoubtedly draw white supremacists from around the region as well as anti-racist activists. The Rex Theater has a long history and doesn’t deserve to let one night and one band tarnish its image.

More detailed information on Death in June’s support of white supremacist movements can be found by following these links:




Thank you for your time.”

In addition to calling the Roxy to voice their opposition to Death in June playing there, we have learned that the person responsible for bringing the show to Pittsburgh, Manny Theiner, can be reached at 412-361-2262.  In addition to booking DIJ, Theiner recently took down flyers at local businesses in the city advertising a letter writing event for Antifascist POW’s the Tinley Park 5 and then slandered the TP5 to the business owners.

Leif Ericson Day Attendees Exposed

As we’ve written about before, every October for the past 7 years Neo-Nazis have converged on Philadelphia and held a “Leif Ericson Day Celebration” that is in reality an attempt to have a real street presence in Philadelphia for even just one day a year. Opposition to the event has increased pretty much every year, with last year’s being especially embarrassing to the boneheads because they had brought friends from as far as Texas and still could not match the numbers of the Antifascists, who prevented them from marching and drowned out their rally, sending the boneheads home with nothing to show for their efforts.

Shortly after the event we released the names and pictures of almost all the attendees, as well as listed their affiliations to KSS, Blood and Honour, The Vinlanders, and several other White Power organizations. We have also outed the primary organizers of the event and their locations in the city.

Philly Antifa, in conjunction with #Anonymous & #ro0ted #OpAntifa now bring you more attendees of Leif Ericson Day 2013’s real name and most recent known address.



Anthony James Olsen, Philly Director of KSS, 2912 Knorr Street, Philadelphia PA
Patricia Benner Vanagaitis and Bryan Vanagaitis, Philly KSS. 6611 Ditman Street, Philadelphia PA
Patrick Rogers, KSS Supporter. 815 Wilson St Williamsport, PA 17701
Joseph Phy, KSS - 4838 Salmon St., Philadelphia PA
Joseph Phy, KSS – 4838 Salmon St., Philadelphia PA


Elizabeth and Michael Marcink - Vinlanders - 11340 W. Shipshewana IN
Elizabeth and Michael Marcink – Vinlanders – 11340 W. Shipshewana IN


Donald M. Palmer - Blood and Honour - 211 S. 7th St., Unit A, Jeanette PA
Donald M. Palmer – Blood and Honour – 211 S. 7th St., Unit A, Jeanette PA
Brien James - Head of Vinlanders - 2507 English Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
Brien James – Head of Vinlanders – 2507 English Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
Patrick D. Westfall - Vinlanders - 4922 State Road 25 W, Lafayette IN
Patrick D. Westfall – Vinlanders – 4922 State Road 25 W, Lafayette IN
Matthew Heimbach - Founder of Traditionalist Youth Movement - 19616 Selby Ave, Poolesville, MD 20837. Allegedly recently moved in to a house with fellow TYN member Thomas Buhls at 3382 West Spruce Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403.
Matthew Heimbach – Founder of Traditionalist Youth Movement – 19616 Selby Ave, Poolesville, MD 20837. Allegedly recently moved in to a house with fellow TYN member Thomas Buhls at 3382 West Spruce Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403.


Jay Butterbaugh, Blood and Honour - 111 Elm Avenue, Hollidaysburg, PA
Jay Butterbaugh, Blood and Honour – 111 Elm Avenue, Hollidaysburg, PA
David “Matt” Parrot – Traditionalist Youth Network – 1145 Golfview Dr., Apartment F, Carmel, IN
David “Matt” Parrot – Traditionalist Youth Network – 950 S. Ridgecrest Lane, Paoli, IN 47454
Kevin McKeegan – KSS Supporter, Active with Council of Conservative Citizens and European American Action Coalition, a group founded by KSS chairman Steve Smith. 149 New Street, Glenside, PA 19038
Kevin McKeegan – KSS Supporter, Active with Council of Conservative Citizens and European American Action Coalition, a group founded by KSS chairman Steve Smith. 149 New Street, Glenside, PA 19038


We would like to call on local Antifa in these towns to pick up this fight and use this info to gather more intelligence to better combat your local Nazis. Their movements rely on anonymity; do not allow them to have it.

Philly Antifa would like to make it clear to the people listed below that coming to our city and contributing to KSS’ attempts to gain a foothold here, even for one ineffective day, is a provocation that will be met. Our allies are legion. All your friends do is invite you to get embarrassed and then targeted.

Stay the fuck out of our city.
Stay the fuck out of our city.


UPDATED: Philadelphia KSS Exposed

From left to right: Stacey Saunter, Joey Phy, Briana Pietropaula, AJ Olsen, Patrician Benner Vanagaitis and Bryan Vanagaitis.

Edit 3/21: Brianna Jeanne was a pseudonym her real name is Briana Pietropaula.  We will continue to update this article as we get more new info on these scumbags. To those of you who have been sending us info, thanks.

Back in October the Philadelphia chapter of the Keystone State “Skinheads”/KSS (also know as Keystone United or KU) invited Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists and generally ugly people to our city under the guise of a “Leif Ericson Day Celebration.” In reality, the event served as an opportunity to show that KSS has a street presence in Philadelphia.  However, as the report back and subsequent identification of almost all of the identities illustrated, only a handful of those in attendance actually live in Philadelphia area, and KSS had inflated their numbers with people from as far away as Indiana, Oklahoma and Washington state.  This post will serve to identify the key players in Philly KSS who were involved in bringing that mob of Neo-Nazis to our town.

Bryan Vanagaitis and Patricia Benner Vanagaitis

jesus… there are no words…

Bryan and Patricia Vanagaitis are longtime boneheads.  They live with their son at a house at 6611 Ditman Street in Tacony . Their son is a little nazi too; one we encountered at Leif Ericson Day 3 years ago when he was briefly detained then released after getting caught with a knife.

The house on Ditman street serves as an important home base for KSS in Philly.  In addition to hosting social events there, the Vanagaitises provide housing to boneheads when they are first arriving in the city or if they need a place to stay. One guest of theirs a few years ago was a bonehead named Drew Boyle, who was eventually expelled from KSS for being a loudmouth drunk with a habit of getting arrested on embarrassing charges while they were trying to bury their history and whitewash the KSS brand.

AJ Olsen and Briana Pietropaula


AJ Olsen is the head of Philly KSS. He spearheaded organizing the Leif Ericson day celebration as well as a new initiative by KSS called the Be Active Front, which attempt to co-opt European graffiti and Autonome imagery and language to mask their Nazism.

Briana Pietropaula (aka Briana Jeane on fb), AJ’s partner, is a supporter of KSS (originally KSS did not allow female members. it is unclear whether Patricia Vanagaitis is patched in or not but she is definitely active in the organizing and recruiting for KSS) but has yet to make that support public.  So we went ahead and did it for her.

AJ is another bonehead who lived with the Vanagaitises when he first moved from New Jersey to Philly. He was then living at 2415 Tulip street in a house owned (at the time) by Briana’s father Robert. AJ was living at 2560 Memphis Street until very recently, but he moved, possible in with Briana.

Joey Phy and Stacey Sautner

note the thor’s hammer on Stacey’s leg as well as the Celtic Cross on Phy’s arm and SS bolts on his leg.

Joey Phy and Stacey Sautner live with their daughter at 4383 Salmon Street in Bridesburg.  Phy was under house arrest a few years ago when KSS was getting a lot of press, but recently has become very active, helping organize Leif Ericson day as well as attending a recent protest against Russian intervention in Ukraine.

There will be consequences for attempting to organize a Fascist or Nazi presence in Philadelphia, even if it ends in abject defeat for the Fascists as Leif Ericson day did last year.  Those responsible and their supporters cannot hide.

Keystone State Boneheads Show Support for Ukraine’s New Far Right-Wing Government by Infiltrating Philadelphia Rally

According to their blog, KSS (now going by Keystone United after their embarrassing defeat at Leif Ericson Day) members were present at a recent rally against Russian intervention in Ukraine.

Post from the KSS Blog Dated March 3
Post from the KSS Blog Dated March 3. Joey Phy is on the right.

It is worth noting that the rally was not organized by Nazis and many of the speakers were Jewish.


KSS has attempted this type of infiltration in the past, attending anything remotely nationalistic or conservative and attempting to network and pose for pictures. While the organizers and most of the attendees were almost certainly unaware of the presence of KSS members and supporters in their midst, we do now call on them to make a definitive split between themselves and Keystone United/KSS.

If you spot members of KSS around the city at events like this, shows or even just on the street, e-mail us at Phillyantifascists@gmail.com.  Or you can tweet us here, maybe even with a picture of the bonehead if you want to really make us swoon. Just be safe, of course.

Donate to Prison Release Funds for Anti-Racist Political Prisoners Cece McDonald and John Tucker


Hey everyone,

We would like to encourage all our readers to donate to one or both of these brave individuals who were imprisoned for taking a stand against Racism and Fascism.

Cece McDonald is a trans woman who was attacked in 2011, along with several friends, by a group of Transphobic Racists.  In the ensuing melee, one of the attackers was stabbed and killed.  Cece is scheduled to be released this month and her supporters are fundraising to give her some help when she get out. Click here to donate to Cece McDonald.

John Tucker is one of the Tinley Park 5, 5 Antifascists imprisoned on trumped-up charges stemming from a disruption of a meeting of representatives of several Neo-Nazi/White Power groups. John is also slated for release this month.  His supporters have also started a prison release fund.  Click here to donate to John Tucker.

Please give all you can to support these two Antifascists.

Philly Antifa Joins The Torch Network


“The real damage is done by those millions who want to ‘survive.’ The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won’t take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don’t like to make waves—or enemies. Those for whom freedom, honour, truth, and principles are only literature. Those who live small, mate small, die small. It’s the reductionist approach to life: if you keep it small, you’ll keep it under control. If you don’t make any noise, the bogeyman won’t find you. But it’s all an illusion, because they die too, those people who roll up their spirits into tiny little balls so as to be safe. Safe?! From what? Life is always on the edge of death; narrow streets lead to the same place as wide avenues, and a little candle burns itself out just like a flaming torch does. I choose my own way to burn.”
― Sophie Scholl

We at Philly Antifa are pleased to announce our affiliation with the newly formed Torch Antifascist Network

Points of Unity

1. We disrupt fascist and far right organizing and activity.
2. We don’t rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us. This doesn’t mean we never go to court, but the cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo. They attack us and everyone who resists oppression. We must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.
3. We oppose all forms of oppression and exploitation. We intend to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement of oppressed people centered on the working class against racism, sexism, nativism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people. We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!
4. We hold ourselves accountable personally and collectively to live up to our ideals and values.
5. We not only support each other within the network, but we also support people people outside the network who we believe have similar aims or principles. An attack on one is an attack on all.

New Anti-Fascist Network Formed – Introducing Torch Antifascist Network

Taken from South Side Chicago ARA’s Blog:


It is with both great excitement and some sadness that we introduce TORCH, an anti-fa network. Out of the old Anti-Racist Action Network rises a new, militant anti-fascist network. This isn’t a fracture or schism coming from internal strife but the result of the realization that the blueprint laid out in a time before the internet no longer serves as a sufficient model for combating fascism. We acknowledge that many of our comrades have lost much, some their lives, under the banner of ARA. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten and their fight is still our fight. Because of changes in the current political climate as well as our own political development, our understanding of what fascism is and how it relates to other political entities such as the working class, capital, and the state has evolved. We wanted to build a new network that fit our needs and politics. One that is more relevant and appealing to a new generation of anti-fascists.

We are still on the prowl. We will still continue to expose, confront, and act. Fascist beware… we are TORCH.

TORCH Points of Unity:

1. We disrupt fascist and far right organizing and activity.

2. We don’t rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us. This doesn’t mean we never go to court, but the cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo. They attack us and everyone who resists oppression. We must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.

3. We oppose all forms of oppression and exploitation. We intend to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement of oppressed people centered on the working class against racism, sexism, nativism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people. We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!

4. We hold ourselves accountable personally and collectively to live up to our ideals and values.

5. We not only support each other within the network, but we also support people outside the network who we believe have similar aims or principles. An attack against one is an attack against all.


KSS Associate and Leif Erikson Day Attendee Patrick Rogers Arrested for Child Endangerment

Image taken from One Peoples Project:


WILLIAMSPORT, PA – A neo-Nazi associate of the Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS) that attended the last two annual events sponsored by the organization to observe Leif Erickson Day in Philadelphia is in jail after a weekend arrest on charges of assault and endangering the welfare of children.

According to reports, Patrick Rogers, 33 of Williamsport is being held in Lycoming County, Pa. Prison in lieu of the total amount of a $5000 bail, as opposed to the commonplace 10 percent, after police arrested him and charged him with one count each of simple assault and the endangerment charge. A detainer on a probation violation is keeping him incarcerated pending trial, however. He has two children with his live-in girlfriend Heidi McCarty, but neither the children or McCarty were harmed in the incident. At press time information surrounding the circumstances of the arrest were not available.

Rogers and McCarty both attended the “Leif Erickson Day Celebration” in 2012 and 2013 on what is referred to as Boathouse Row in Philadelphia. The annual event is sponsored by KSS and has brought out varied number of neo-Nazis as well as antifa opposing them. This year saw it’s largest event as 30 neo-Nazis from a number of different states came out with over 200 persons in opposition. Rogers regularly trolled the Facebook pages of those working to oppose them, often taunting them with racist remarks and threats. Despite this, he has attempted to downplay his racism as well.

“I’m not a fucking Nazi nor ever have been and focus on preserving my Ancestral Lineage, not whoop on someone!” He once wrote in a message to Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project. “I’m a White Nationalist/Constitutionalist with the best interests of Europeans in mind along with upholding all Americans rights, not worry about any other race and their actions or progress. That’s for their leaders and community activists to bare the burden as do I for my own! I interact with all races and NEVER have I once did ill to anyone for that reason alone nor ever will! Rednecks in the fucking hills that cook meth around their children all day pisses me off just as much as gangsters from North Philly bringing in Heroin to Williamsport!”

Rogers has had several run-in with the law since 2002, when he was arrested for providing alcohol to minors. He also was arrested in 2010 on charges of assault, reckless endangerment and making terroristic threats.


From SS-ARA Blog:


Dear friends and comrades,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to put this out.  I’ve been working on my transition back in to the world and so far everyone has been great with helping me out with everything. I kinda feel like a new born, HA. Anyway, I just wanted to write something and post it up for everyone to see that I’m out now and am doing ok. Most of all I want to say thank you to everyone for helping me with everything during my incarceration. It’s still so very surreal. Prison was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but people like all of you who exist with your endless love:  I couldn’t have done any of this without you. I would also like to thank you for all the help you’ve been giving my four friends during their stint in Dante’s Inferno. It’s really hard to put into words how much all of you mean to me. Because of you I’ve been able to survive and stay strong. Your solidarity continues to leave me speechless. I want to thank you for all the books and amazing letters that I received. I hope my letters made it to you. I did my best to personally write everyone back and if you didn’t here back from me it’s prolly because the gestopo was withholding my mail. I want to personally thank the whole A.R.A. network, Denver, New York, and south side ABC, and every other chapter in between; Kieran (your mom’s books are great), Philly antifa, Kat from Oak Roots Press, all the kids in Germany, Allina Dollot in France, and especially my home crew in Lafayette and Bloomington (you guys are the best!), my big brothers NOMAD and TELLY; oh and my homie Petey from Sacramento Prisoner Support. Last but not least I wanna thank two very special people that I hold very dear to my heart:  Stephanie from the Bloomington ABC and Sara Garber, my amazing lawyer. If I believed in guardian angels I would be convinced that you two were the real deal… I love you both soooooo fucking much! Thank you to anyone who wrote a letter; went to a fundraiser; made a visit; told some one about our case; and kept me, John, Jason, Cody, and Dylan in your hearts.  All of you mean so much to me; without you all of this would have been a nightmare. Thank you so, so much!

H.A.R.M. SKIN for life!


Love and Rage,
Alex Stuck



Welcome home Alex. Everyone is so happy you are free.


Philly Antifa


From One Peoples Project: The annual ritual of making David Irving’s life miserable is about to begin again! Here’s a refresher: Every year the Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving comes out to the US from the UK, and attempts to hold meetings and talks to promote his notion that the Nazis were just misunderstood and they didn’t really kill over 11 million innocent people , six million of them the Jews they hated so much.  This year, he is going around the country extolling the virtues of Adolf Hitler! (click link for more)


Irving’s tour begins today in Melbourne, FL. Here is a complete list of the dates and locations.


November 6- Melbourne, FL

November 7- charleston, SC

November 8- Columbia, SC

November 9- Carlotte NC

November 10- Raleigh, NC

November 11- Richmond, VA

Novmeber 15- Washington DC

November 16- Baltimore

November 17- Philadelphia

November 18- Princeton

November 19- Northern NJ

November 22- NYC

November 23- New Haven

November 24-Manchester, NH

November 26-Syracuse, NY

Devcember 1- Cleveland, OH

December 2- Pittsburgh, OH

December 3- Columbus, OH

December 4- Cincinatti, OH

December 6- Indianapoli, IN

December 7- Chicago, Illinois

December 8- St. Louis, MO

December 9- Jackson Missisipi

December 10- Montgomery, AL

December 12- Nashville, TN

December 13- Knoxville, TN


Let’s show David Irving and his Nazi fans that he is not welcome anywhere. If you have any info, or to request info, about any of these events feel free to e-mail us at phillyantifascists@gmail.com.



“Hey Bonehead, If the Cops Weren’t Here You Would be Getting Fucked Up Right Now:” A Reportback From Leif Erikson Day 2013


On October 19th, 2013 a coalition of Neo-Nazis from as far away as Texas, massed together by the Blood and Honour network and led by the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS), converged on Philadelphia with the intention to march in formation through Faimrount park and rally at the statue of Thorfin Karlsefni.

From the moment they (numbering 30-40) arrived at the top of lemon hill the boneheads knew they were in for a long day.  They were immediately set upon by an equal number of protestors who hurled insults and abuse at them and the police protecting them.  At first Philly KSS head A.J. Olsen was pleasantly surprised at the turnout by Anti-Racists, but had his hopes deflated as moments later another 100+ protestors made their way up Lemon Hill and blocked their march route, linking arms and chanting “DEATH, DEATH, DEATH TO THE NAZIS…”

Civil Affairs police attempted to force their way past the bloc of Antifascists, who refused to give way. After several attempt to circumvent or push through the bloc, a few of the Nazi organizers frantically attempted to salvage the situation.  Eventually they chose to abandon their attempts to march completely and instead to just walk down Lemon Hill in pairs and individuals with their own police escorts. Never has the old chant “the cops and klan go hand in hand” looked so literal.

This created what must have been the strangest and most exciting moment of the day, when the 200+ demonstrators, 30+ Nazis and 50+ civil affairs police met in a large mass, strolling down lemon hill together. One Antifa ripped the banner KSS has brought from their hands. One instantly-legendary lady Antifascist grabbed Vinlanders Social Club founder Brien James by the neck and arm and pulled him down until a civil affairs officer stepped in to rescue him from her. There were several more scuffles like that and by the time the Nazis reached the bottom of the hill the protestors had formed up in front of the statue while others enveloped the Nazis and cops on all sides.

Two Boneheads trying to snitch on an Antifascist who had torn one of the poles off their banner to the cops that were protecting them. No surprise there they snitch on each other so often. Fortunately, the Antifa escaped arrest.

The Nazis attempted to put on a brave face but were clearly rattled.  Several of them made short speeches in a bullhorn but were drowned out by the jeering crowd of protestors and Antifascists. Brien James had the nerve to claim that we had “failed” to prevent them from holding their event, conveniently ignoring the fact that without the police protection they would have gotten stomped out the second they left their cars on lemon hill.  Well, Brien, I guess that depends on how you define failure. For example, someone might say that when a group holds a march in formation for 6 years and then on the 7th is forced to run down the hill holding the hands of police detectives, one might call that a failure.  When a group tries to lay wreath at a statue and cannot for five consecutive years because of a mass of people in opposition to them blocking their way, one might call that a failure.  When the supposed largest Network of Neo-Nazis in this whole world can only mobilize 30-40 boneheads willing to show their faces in Philadelphia, scraping the bottom of the barrel (Aryan Teror Brigade, Advanced White Society and NSM, really?) and going as far as Texas for support, one might call THAT a failure.

Unfortunately, outside of light scuffling the Nazis escaped unscathed thanks to the police. Fortunately, there were no arrests.

Some of the Nazis who made the trip to Fairmount to be humiliated include:

Anthony James Olsen, Philadelphia Director of KSS and organizer of LED
Bob Gaus, member of KSS
Bryan P. Vaganaitis, Philly KSS
Patrick Rogers, KSS Supporter who lives in Williamsport, PA
Heidi McCarthy, KSS Supporter
Joseph Phy, Philly KSS
Ryan Wojitowicz, a member of the American Freedom Party and European American Action Coalition, support of KSS. Lives in Nanticoke, PA
Patricia Vanagaitis. Married to and lives with Bryan.
Patricia Vanagaitis. Married to and lives with Bryan.
William “Bill” Decker. Active with Vinlanders and Blood and Honour. Lives in Rockton, PA. Works at Horizontal Well Drillers in Luthersville, PA. Their number is (814) 583-5074.
Elizabeth & Mikey Marcink VSC
Mikey Marcink. Active with Vinlanders. Pictured here with wife and fellow Nazi Elizabeth Marcink. They live in Shipshewana, IN.
Michael Rohrich, active with Blood and Honour and Vinlanders. Lives in York, PA. From Fayetville, NC originally.
Donald Palmer VSC
Donald Palmer, Vinlanders. Lives in Irwin, PA
Brien James, Founder of Vinlanders. Lives in Indianapolis.
Patrick D. Westfall, Vinlanders
Dan Hansard VSC Driving
Don Hansard, Vinlanders. His jacket said Oklahoma but he lives in Arlington, TX and is from Florida originally.
Matt Heimbach, founder of Traditionalist Youth Movement
James Hastings, KSS Supporter
Ron Sheehy, member of Advance White Society  from Tremley Point, NJ.
Ron Sheehy, member of Advance White Society from Tremley Point, NJ.
Elizabeth McGrill, KSS Supporter. Why are all of these people named Pat, Matt,  Brian or Elizabeth?
Jay Butterbaugh, Blood and Honour. Lives in Holidaysburg, PA
Matt Parrot, Traditionalist Youth Network
Kevin McKeegan, supporter of KSS. Active with EAAC and CCC. Lives in New Jersey

As per usual, we accept any and all verifiable intelligence on these clowns.

This is only another battle in the war against Blood and Honour. No one is buying this shit about a “Kinder, Gentler White Nationalist” except for idiots who believe what they read in the Philadelphia Weekly. The rest of us know what you do and what you’re about. You claim the random racist and homophobic/transphobic violence is all in the past?


That is a picture from this years’ Leif Erikson Day Celebration. Notice anything interesting, other than what that one lady is wearing? Seriously, she looks like she just woke up from 1985. But no, not her:


The bonehead walking next to Jay Butterbaugh is wearing an Aryan Terror Brigade bandanna. Two Aryan Terror Brigade members were convicted LAST AUGUST of attacking two Egyptian men in a random racist attack in New Jersey following a SOCIAL GATHERING of Neo-Nazis, not unlike Leif Erikson Day. Oh, and Aryan Terror Brigade was also started by this man.

We have no intention of letting Philadelphia be a rallying location for Blood and Honour, KSS, or any of these other little fucking crews of douche bags watering down their politics for the T.V. cameras and puffing out their chests. Oh, and those of you that who were too cowardly to actually even show up in Fairmount and just went to the after-party:

KSS Founder and Chairman Steve Smith
KSS Founder and Chairman Steve Smith, center.

You don’t get a pass either.

See You Soon,

Philly Antifa

The Faces of KSS’s Leif Erikson Day Defeat

Hey everyone,

We had a lot of fun today. We will have a full report back with more pictures coming, but for now we are going to let the faces of the Nazis that attempted to rally in Philly today speak for themselves.


Philly Antifa




















WHERE: Philadelphia, Boathouse Row, Fairmount Park (Thorfin Karlsefni Statue along Kelly Drive)
WHEN: October 19, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Its that time of year again.  Every October for several years the “White Nationalist” Nazis of the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS) have held their “Leif Ericson Day Celebration” in Philly’s Fairmount Park. KSS has been in decline in recent years but have been attempting a resurgence.  KSS memorializes the “first European to land in America” because they feel it justifies their ludicrous claims that the US is a “white nation” belonging only to people of “pure” European Descent.  And like almost all of those several years, Antifascists in the region are mobilizing to confront them.

Why oppose this event?  For several reasons:  KSS have been operating in PA for over ten years with relative impunity, but Philadelphia remains one of the few places in the state with an active resistance to their organizing and recruiting attempts.  Areas where they are able to grow openly and unopposed are inevitably the locations of fascist violence.  Several known examples (which tend to represent the tip of the iceberg) of violence perpetrated by KSS members include a 2002 assault in Feasterville, a 2003 hate crime assault in Scranton, an attempted homicide in New Stanton in 2006, and homicide charges brought against 2 members in 2007 for a double murder of 2 homeless men in Florida.

Incidents like this have (thankfully) slowed down due to KSS’s decline.  However, KSS, along with Blood and Honour USA, put on a large white power concert near Altoona this year. They also attended a rally and a WP show in New Jersey, both events well attended.  If we allow the Fascists to regroup and recruit, we only ensure a much more difficult battle in the near future.  However,  if we respond with a furious opposition willing to expose, oppose and confront these Neo-Nazis, we can smash KSS for good and put a serious dent in Blood and Honour’s attempts to coalesce various White Power groups.

In addition to stemming the tide of Fascist violence and the possibility of finishing off KSS, there is the matter of solidarity. Even if you do not feel that KSS affects you, there is no debating that their violence has very real victims. Turning a blind eye to the attempts to resurrect KSS is a tacit concession to  many more incidents of fascist violence.

We will be gathering at the Thorfin Karlsefni statue along Kelly Drive in Fairmount Park at 11:00 AM with the intention of occupying their rallying location. Another group, Residents Against Racism, is also going to be protesting the Nazis.  They have called for a peaceful protest and we intend to respect that as far as the area around the statue and their bloc, but we will be adhering to a diversity of tactics in all other parts of the park and reserve the right to defend ourselves from Fascist attack.

This call is for all good people who will not be silent in the face of Fascist aggression.  Unity is our strength.  Enough is enough is enough. They want a race war.  They’re only going to get the last half.

For an end to Fascism in our lifetime,

Philly Antifa