Further Clarification Regarding Alex Stein

Philly Antifa recently issued an alert about a dangerous individual named Alex Stein.
Alex is absolutely, unequivocally a rapist. We refuse to go into detail because:
A. First and foremeost, we believe survivors. Their Words are enough for us.
B. Exposing details poses danger to the numbers of people he has assaulted.
However we will say there are a number of people, in completely separate circles, that have come forward. His behavior is not isolated – it shows a pattern. Patterns repeat.
A stance of “he provides good intel and he never acted a sort of way in my presence” equates to rape apologism. If this has been in anyway part of your commentary you are complicit in silencing survivors and empowering perpetrators. Do some reading and work on yourself.
Next, Alex proclaims openly to cooperating with the police and providing them information. Here is an open admission by Alex (George Bailey is one of his aliases):
In any context, in any scenario, never ever talk to the police. By his own admission, he went to the police alone, without a lawyer and cooperated with them. We reject and dispute his story of the manner in which that interrogation went, but in the end, we don’t care about directly responding to his lies. Never, under any circumstances or for any reasons do you work with the police. You are a state conspirator, your help and submission to them is akin to being a cop yourself.
The last point we will address is the questions and disbelief around his possibly being a fascist. The following screenshots were obtained from a sock account Alex used in far-right discord servers. This was one of several accounts that were discovered after Alex had been blacklisted from organizing spaces in Philly for being a rapist and for repeat instances of sexual misconduct and unnecessarily reckless behavior with no attempt and outright refusal to engage in any accountability process. A notebook of his was acquired in a space that he had been for a few months, and it listed several of his usernames and passwords inside. Sam PA is Alex, and here he is speaking to Jack Corbin, who was too stupid to know who he was talking to. Alex confirms identities to Corbin who would go on to doxx large amount of antifascists. Alex is also setting up phone calls with Corbin, where he is offering to provide more information to be used to harm and expose anti-racists:
 What might be confusing to some is that Alex was doxxed along with us, but Corbin had his name and identity already, Corbin had already identified Alex. In an act of trying to muddy the waters in his complicity and do exactly what is happening, Alex confirmed his own identity to Corbin, and this fact seems to confuse many. That’s by design; that’s the type of creature Alex is. He will do anything to survive and keep doing whatever it is he is up to. We can’t say for certain if he is fascist, and we never did. But he sure is eager to help them try and wipe us out, be it white supremacists or the state, and that sounds pretty fash to us.