Frank Rizzo Mural in Italian Market Vandalized by Antifascists



Sometime over this past weekend one or more vandals targeted the mural of former Police Commissioner and Mayor Frank Rizzo in the Italian Market.

Paint was slattered above one of his eyes, and “Fascista” was spray painted across his chest.

We at Philly Antifa could not be happier about this.

As anyone who has spent any time in Philadelphia knows, Frank Rizzo was a racist, sexist, fascist piece of shit. He was involved in or responsible for, among other things, the beating and murders of several members of the MOVE organization, the raid on the Philadelphia headquarters of the black panthers, and the framing/railroading of Mumia Abu Jamal.  These, and countless other incident of police murder/repression/brutality were the result of his policies as commissioner and mayor.

Despite (or because of) that, Rizzo enjoys a saintlike status among some Philadelphians. In addition to the mural on 9th street, there is a statue of Rizzo in center city.

Whoever put some truth on this image deserves a pat on the back.

With Love,


Philly Antifa