UPDATED: Sikh Temple Shooter was a Hammerskin; his Ex-GF arrested !


For those of you who have not heard (which is unlikely),  there was a racist terror attack by a bonehead (Nazi skinhead) on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin which left six people and said bonehead dead.

For more info:

One Peoples Project has a detailed report of Wade’s long history in WP groups and circles, including the Hammerskins. Wade was also a former soldier in the Army who had worked in their “Psychological Warfare” department.

As reported by Feministing and CNN, that shooter, Wade Michael Page, 40, was a member of the White Power band “End Apathy.”

End Apathy was signed to Label 56, a white-power label run my Maryland Skinheads member Clemie “Richard” Haught, pictured here:


End Apathy was featured at “Uprise 2010,” a bonehead music festival organized by Keystone State Skinheads, Maryland Skinheads and Label 56 that took place in Maryland in 2010.

Already, the boneheads from Label 56 are trying to erase all mention of End Apathy form their websites and store.

Here is a thread on Stormfront started by a username called “End Apathy” discussing their plans to play the festival.

2010 appears to have been the last time Uprise was organized, indicating the decline of KSS/MDS in recent years.

UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Wade’s ex-girlfriend, Misty Cook, was arrested after an illegal gun was found in the home that they shared.  She had moved out just a few weeks before the shooting.

Cook is or was an active member of Volksfront, another international bonehead organization.