Keystone State Boneheads Show Support for Ukraine’s New Far Right-Wing Government by Infiltrating Philadelphia Rally

According to their blog, KSS (now going by Keystone United after their embarrassing defeat at Leif Ericson Day) members were present at a recent rally against Russian intervention in Ukraine.

Post from the KSS Blog Dated March 3
Post from the KSS Blog Dated March 3. Joey Phy is on the right.

It is worth noting that the rally was not organized by Nazis and many of the speakers were Jewish.

KSS has attempted this type of infiltration in the past, attending anything remotely nationalistic or conservative and attempting to network and pose for pictures. While the organizers and most of the attendees were almost certainly unaware of the presence of KSS members and supporters in their midst, we do now call on them to make a definitive split between themselves and Keystone United/KSS.

If you spot members of KSS around the city at events like this, shows or even just on the street, e-mail us at  Or you can tweet us here, maybe even with a picture of the bonehead if you want to really make us swoon. Just be safe, of course.