Several More Fascists Identified in PA – Including 2 Patriot Front Network 10 Members – And One Arrested

Since the massive info leak of neo-fascist group Patiot Front, social media is abuzz with nazis being identified by Anti-fascist researchers.

The Patriot Fail blog has been started to keep the information centralized, but here are 2 PF Network 10 (Eastern PA, NJ, Northern DE and NYC Metro Area) nazis who have been exposed since our last post. “Alexander PA” – aka Devin Heming of Altoona and “Ryan PA” – aka Zachary Stern of Bushkill.

Additionally, a New Jersey Proud Boy named Alvor Bass has been exposed by @ruthlesswe as the major supplier of the Proud Boys’ merchandise.

Finally, Joseph Paul Berger , nazi host of the “Alt Right Armory” podcast, aka “GlockDoctor1488” was arrested by the feds, along with his father, for having an arsenal of illegal weapons.

Well done to everyone working to expose and report on the organizing fascists in our area. Another expose’ on a Patriot Front Network 10 member previously unidentified will be coming shortly, but at this rate someone may beat us to it!