Neo-Nazi Publishers “Antelope Hill” of Green Lane, PA Exposed

Dmitri Loutsik, Vincent Cucchiara and Sarah Cucchiara, proveyors of neo-nazi publishing house Antelope Hill.

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published a story on their Hatewatch blog exposing the principals behind the Pennsylvania-based White Nationalist publisher “Antelope Hill Publishing.”

Antelope Hill is being run by Vincent and Sarah Cucchiara (née Nahrgang) of 134 Main St., Green Lane PA and Dmitri Anatolievich Loutsik of Lehigh Valley, PA.

Vincent Cucchiara of Antelope Hill Publishing
Sarah Cucchiara of Antelope Hill Publishing. Unsurprisingly, both she and Vincent were involved in anti-choice organizing.

The article goes into great detail about the history of Antelope Hill as well as their ties to the neo-nazi National Justice Party and The Right Stuff podcast.

In addition, check out this thread by AnonCommieStan on twitter, which details other individuals associated with Antelope Hill as well as reveals that Vincent Cucchiara works as a real estate agent at EXP realty. Sarah Cucchiara was, alarmingly, working as a public school teacher until she was fired for racist facebook posts.

Publishers like Antelope Hill do not seem like urgent threats when compared to companies of fascist Stormtroopers operating all over the U.S., but Antifascists should remember the lessons of Resistance Records or Micetrap Distributions. Both of which operated with impunity for years and helped indoctrinate new individuals into Fascist movements. The ripple effect of harm done by those individuals is incalculable. While we don’t advocate for government censorship of these kind of companies, we do think there should be financial, social and personal consequences for profiting off such books as “Hitler: In His Own Words” and using your home to form neo-nazi political parties with Mike Enoch.

As with any political movement, there are factions in Fascism that usually can be divided into Militant Vanguardism and Incremental Entryism. For example, nazi Boneheads vs. Suit-and-tie nazis attempting to infiltrate local GOP groups.

However, like in most political movements, individuals themselves will move between these factions over a lifetime and work with both. Ultimately, the factions are working towards the same or similar goals. While the militant fringe nazis will openly provoke a response with their constant terror attacks, the suit and tie types, in the past, have flown under the radar for many Antifascists.

A prime example of this is the American Renaissance conference, organized annually by Jared Taylor and other “intellectual” racists. While groups like One People’s Project and local Antifascists have long raised the alarm and protested the conference, it took years before any larger responses were mobilized. Yet Amren has been as damaging as any regional bonehead crew or Patriot Front cell.

This is not to turn our nose up at confronting the Fascist stormtroopers, whose role in trying to “control the streets” should also not be understated. The cold reality is we must fight them on both front. We are paraphrasing, but there’s an old quote that goes…”They have a political agenda that must be confronted politically. They also have a physical agenda that must be confronted physically.”

There will always be trendy leftists, who didn’t have the time of day for Antifa before we started getting media and political slander hurled from all directions, who will either dismiss the fascist militants as “idiot thugs” while also dismissing the fascist intelligentsia as “nerd internet nazis.” The reality is they aren’t going to fight fascism, and their insecurity around that compels them to try and discourage others who do.

Publishers like Antelope Hill, podcasts like The Right Stuff and Daily Shoah and their affiliated parties are equally a threat to our communities as any network of Nazi bonehead crews or Attomwaffen terrorists. They are all part of the same movement. Which seeks to “correct” the demographics of the U.S. through mass murder and deportation, destroy the left and feminist movements here, and impose a far right, ultra-authoritarian nationalism. A society of forced conformity through rigid gender and sex roles and eugenics. A nation of militarism and slavery, with themselves at the top.

That’s the world that our enemies want. Moreover, it’s the world we are headed towards if we fail to stop them. On all fronts.

Eternal War on the Hitler Youth (and all fascists),