Meet Jonny Riches, Alt-Right Troll Harassing Ghostship Survivors

It has come to Philly Antifa’s attention that a well known alt-right troll has set up a fake facebook page for family and friends of the Ghostship fire victims. Jonny Riches is best known for constantly making frivolous lawsuits against celebrities, attending famous legal trials, and crashing left-wing demonstrations.  He is known to doxx anyone who calls out his frauds online and gives out their information to his nazi friends, who relentlessly harass and threaten them; specifically, marginalized people – women, queer folk, and poc.  People have been soliciting donations on the page as well, no doubt taking funds away from Ghostship victims.

His wife, Naomi Riches, is no better.  She joins him in his attempts to out and harm people.  They share a fascination with murderers and celebrate people like James Holms, the Colorado theater shooter.

This is him at a recent Anti-Trump rally in Philadelphia, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and green wig.  He likes to attend demonstrations for the explicit reason of identifying, mocking, or delegitimizing movements.  He also attends pro-cop rallies unmasked.


In all reality, this guy has been flying under our radar for too long and using that to exact racist, sexist, oppressive cruelty.  This is a group he’s been using to phish people.


He lives at
1306 Ashbridge Drive
West Chester, PA
Owned by his parents, but he has claimed residence there.  He has made claims he’s going to be moving to Florida in a year.

Last known number
610 696 3492



Jonny Riches has found an 8 year-old article from an anti-antifa site and has been using that to identify supposed leaders of Philly Antifa. Philly Antifa is an anti-authoritarian organization. There are no leaders, and his intel is far off the mark. Ol’ Jonny-boy has not gotten to anyone in Philly Antifa.