Longtime Nazi Steve Smith Elected to Republican Party County Committee in PA!


Steve Smith, Pictured with convicted murderer Charles Marovskis in 2007. Marovskis would later be arrested and plead guilty to two federal charges of second-degree murder in connection with the 1998 beating death of two Florida homeless men.

According to a post and picture from Stormfront.org, the largest White Power message board in the world, Steve Smith has been elected to a 4-year term in the republican county committee for Pittston City Ward 4.Image

For more information on Smith’s long history in Far-Right and Neo-Nazi political circles, see:


Smith has at various times in his life been a member of the KKK, Aryan Nations, Keystone State Skinheads, EURO and NAAWP (both started by David Duke, an obvious influence on Smith in recent years) and several other Neo-Nazi and White Nationalist groups.

Smith once served 30 days for Ethnic intimidation related to an attack by himself, Keith Carney and Steve Monteforte on a lone black man coming home from work in the early AM, reportedly asking him if he had ever “been beaten up by skinheads.”

Since getting out of jail, Smith has modeled himself after Duke and other suit-and-tie Nazis, attending public forums and trying to put a gentle, family-friendly face on virulent racist, xenophobic politics.

This election is eerily reminiscent of that of JT Ready, another wannaba-politician Neo-Nazi who was once elected to a local government position in Arizona. The main difference is that he was not known to be a Nazi before he had already been elected. As you all probably know, JT Ready murdered 4 people, including an infant child, before committing suicide earlier this month in Arizona.



More information to come on this.


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