Keystone United Exposed Day 2: Robert and Melissa Gaus

Melissa and Robert Gaus, Keystone United members and neo-nazis.

Robert Heston (Bob) Gaus is a longtime neo-nazi and co-founder of Keystone State Skinheads. He is heavily involved in a leadership role with Keystone United and KSS. Less is known about his activities before being in KSS, but it is known that Gaus aspired to joined a 1%er Motorcycle Club but was rebuffed. Gaus has attempted to recreate that environment with KSS, even as their Keystone United brand offered them much greater success than being a bonehead crew ever did.

Keystone State Skinheads at Leif Erikson Day 2017 on Lemon Hill. Bob Gaus is front and center in sunglasses. Gaus was involved in the brutal assault of 2 anti-racist protesters later that day in FDR Park.

Gaus pled guilty alongside fellow nazis Doug Sonier and Joseph Hoesch for assault for a 2002 assault in a diner in Feasterville, PA after a man asked them to stop throwing food at his table.  Gaus’ legal history of Dauphin County is extensive and includes assault, resisting arrest, and possessing a gun while a felon. He also has been arrested at least 3 times for DUI.

Keystone State Skinheads Yule Party. Gaus is center rear.

Gaus lives in Harrisburg and runs the Harrisburg unit of KSS, which, is in reality, a revolving door of his drinking buddies. Gaus is 47 and has a linkedin profile claiming to be an “Independent Sports Professional.” That is probably a reference to “Brutal Force Athletics,” a clothing label Gaus runs, the website of which has not been updated in several years. That said, many members and associates of KSS can be seen wearing Brutal Force Athletics gear, so it is good to be aware as a potential way to ID KU/KSS nazis.

Gaus (2nd from left with Keystone State Skinheads and Blood and Honour nazis.
Traditionalist Youth mid-Atlantic gathering in Philly in 2016. Gaus is on the right with goatee and KSS shirt.
Keystone State Skinheads members. Gaus front center-right with KSS t-shirt.


Bob Gaus was married in 2015 to his wife, Melissa Gaus (Regl). Melissa is also a nazi and vocal member of KU/KSS. She is 39 and works as a model and actress. She is from Baltimore, MD. 

Melissa Gaus, Keystone United member from one of her modeling photos.


Gaus wearing a shirt bearing the number 88, a commonly used white supremacist symbol for the 8th letter twice, HH for Heil Hitler. The odin runes on the banner reading “get some” are also a favorite of white supremacists.
Melissa and Bob Gaus at the Keystone United yule party.
Melissa and Bob Gaus protesting against refugees in Harrisburg



Just this summer they put a pre-assembled home on a parcel of land Gaus owns at 10 Small Valley Road in Halifax, PA. They are either moved in there or still living at their old place at 7112 Union Deposit Road, Hummelstown, PA. We are asking our readers to help us find info on what else they’re currently doing for work, if anything.

Names: Robert and Melissa Gaus

Last known address: 10 Small Valley Road, Halifax, PA

Employment: Robert- Owner, Brutal Force Athletics. Melissa works as a model and actress.

Affiliations: Robert is co-Founder Keystone State Skinheads and Keystone United and de-facto leader of KSS. Melissa is a Keystone United member and KSS supporter.