A “No More Presidents” Report Back

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A “No More Presidents” Report Back
On J20, around 50 of us masked up and took off down South St. We wanted to set a tone of resistance against the Trump regime and the ruling class for the years to come. There were chants of “good night alt right” and antifascist flags and banners. The OCF Coffee house was smashed while people spray painted windows along the street. Bank of America took a paint bomb. As we moved along more windows were tagged and shattered. There was a brief discussion before we turned off South St and started dragging baricades into the road, knowing the cops had to be close by, being earily absent so far. When they did show, the obstacles slowed them down enough for everyone to get away.
This shit is officially still possible in Philly, affinity groups can come together in direct, violent, contempt against the business of gentrification, the moneyed masters funding attacks on indigenous peoples, and white nationalism. For all those arrested on J20 and all those still fighting the Black Snake.
Expect more.
Bonebreaker Crew