Keystone United Exposed – Bob Gaus

Note: This will be a regular feature. Check back for more updates about scum operating in our area.

Bob Gaus, KSS co-founder. Lives in Harrisburg.
Bob Gaus at 2013 Leif Erikson Day Celebration

Robert Gaus has been a Neo-Nazi bonehead since the late 80’s. He co-founded the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS), also known as Keystone United (KU) or the Be Active Front (BAF). We have written extensively on here about KSS and their members’ history of assault, rape and murder all while publically representing themselves as a non-violent organization.

Gaus is an alcoholic who was in court recently for his 3rd DUI charge. He was facing up to two years in prison but was still out as of October 25th’s secretly-organized “Leif Erikson Day Celebration” event in Philadelphia. Gaus pled guilty alongside fellow Nazis Doug Sonier and Joseph Hoesch for assault for a 2002 assault in a Diner in Feasterville, PA after a man asked them to stop throwing food at his table. Gaus is always at the Leif Ericson Day celebrations in Philly and almost any other Neo-Nazi event in PA.

“In 2001, Gaus was arrested on charges that he was in possession of a firearm with its serial number altered. He was arrested again on a simple assault charge that was dismissed. In 2011, he was arrested on his first drunk driving infraction.”

Gaus runs a clothing company called Brutal Force Athletics. He registered the company as a trademark, listing his address as 5970 LINGLESTOWN RD HARRISBURG, PA 17112-1126.

Gaus works as a bouncer at a Savanah’s on Hannah strip club located at 1000 Hannah St., Harrisburg PA. We would like to encourage our readers to call the club at 717-233-1100 and register your complaint that they would have a founder and leader of a Neo-Nazi organization with a history of rape, murder and assaults around their dancers and patrons. We would also like to ask our readers help us in exposing Brutal Force Athletics as being run by a Neo-Nazi scumbag.

Brutal Force athletics has a public (for now) facebook group.


Be aware that the page has a good amount of Neo-Nazis on it, which is not a surprise. It also has people who seem to have no knowledge of Gaus’ affiliations or past. This is information that should interest them.

Gaus is reportedly engaged to Valerie Simmons, another longtime Neo-Nazi who was previously in a relationship with Owen Carr of the Atlantic City “Skinheads” (ACS) before Carr’s untimely death.

Valierie Sessions and bob gause kss invitees

According to sources within KSS, Gaus’ ex-wife left him citing repeated infidelity and neglect among other reasons and took their two daughters to Hawaii. Gaus has another two children from a former partner who is now deceased.