Local Fascists and Nazis

This is an incomplete list of active Neo-Nazis and Fascists living in Philly or the surrounding area. We will try and keep it updated with new names and current information. If you have info on Neo-Nazis, e-mail it to us at PhillyAntifa@protonmail.com

“White Lives Matter” PA / Embrace Struggle Active Club

WLM is a neo-nazi organizing front used by several different groups. Locally, it is repped by members of “Embrace Struggle Active Club,” which is run by a longtime local scumbag Paul Minton.

Paul Minton, head of the local chapter of “White Lives Matter” and “Embrace Struggle Active Club.” Last known to be living on S. 26th Street

Minton has groomed and recruited a young woman named Daisy McGowen, who is just barely an adult. Minton preyed on her when she was a young teenager and she is now pregnant with his child. McGowen organizes and rallies with WLM and Active Club.

Daisy McGowen, neo-nazi member of “WLM PA.” Living with Paul Minton on S. 26th Street.

Keystone State Skinheads (KSS) / Keystone United (KU) 

KSS is a statewide Neo-Nazi crew that has been around since 2002.  They are involved in assaults, rape and murder. KSS organizes Neo-Nazi concerts all over the state to recruit new members and raise funds. They also engage in “white nationalist activism,” which normally consists of scapegoating immigrants and attempting to infiltrate and recruit from European American social organizations and heritage events. This activism is usually engaged in under the banner of “Keystone United,” while downplaying their activities as KSS.

In Philadelphia KSS hosts a “Leif Erikson Day” celebration in Fairmount Park every fall we well as other secretly held events. They have also launched an initiative called “Be Active Front” which attempts to win new recruits by co-opting imagery from Hip Hop and Anarchist subcultures. KSS has recently aligned with Matthew Heimbach’s Neo-Fascist Traditionalist Youth Network and hosted their mid-Atlantic gathering here in Philly.

Anthony James (AJ) Olsen - Philadelphia director of Keystone State Skinheads (KSS) - last known address: 2913 Knorr Street
Anthony James (AJ) Olsen – Philadelphia Keystone State Skinheads (KSS) 
Joseph Phy and Stacey Marie Sautner - Joey is an active KSS member and Sautner a KSS supporter. - Last know address 4383 Salmon Street
Joseph Phy and Stacey Marie Sautner – Joey is an active KSS member and Sautner a KSS supporter who practices a racist bastardization of Asatru.
Joseph Hoesch, KSS member and co-founder. Lives in Abington, PA
Joseph Norman Hoesch, KSS member and co-founder. May be working as a window cleaner. 
Nunzio Pellegrino. KSS member who has been putting up KSS/BAF graffiti around Philadelphia. Last known address-3249 Mercer Street.
Nunzio L. Pellegrino. KSS member who has tagged KSS/BAF graffiti around Philadelphia.

For more info on KSS, visit KeystoneUnitedExposed.

Atlantic City Skinheads (ACS)

The Atlantic City “Skins” have been around since the early 1990’s, when publicity generated from appearances on talk shows like Oprah and Geraldo led to a boom in Neo-Nazi bonehead gangs forming.  Unlike most of their contemporaries, ACS is still around.  Their members have been involved in countless assaults at bars and show venues over the years. Some of them have been imprisoned for murder and hate crimes.  They have strong ties with the NJ state prison skins. ACS avoids political activity because it draws unwanted attention and interferes with their fun. Nevertheless, they are a very real threat.  While they are based out of Atlantic City, several of their members live in the Philly area and others come here frequently for shows and events.Chris and Melissa Arlan. Chris Arlan is a co-founder of ACS and virulent racist. He works in the trades and lives at the NJ Shore.

Chris and Melissa Arlan. Chris Arlan is a co-founder of ACS and virulent racist. He works in the trades. His wife Melissa is a Neo-Nazi and ACS supporter.

Vincent DeFelice. Vincent is an ACS member who was last seen strung out living in Northeast Philly.
Vincent DeFelice. Vincent is an ACS member who may be living in S. Philly or Mays Landing, NJ.
Christopher Ising – Ising is an ACS member who was incarcerated for Hate Crimes for attacking an Arab family alongside several other boneheads. 
Ben Dipilla - ACS member. Lives in Atlantic City
Ben Dipilla – Ben is a member of ACS as well as the Pagans MC.. Lives in Atlantic City. DiPilla was arrested as part of a huge undercover Narcotics sting of WP bikers and Boneheads and is facing charges for distributing cocaine and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. He was also nearly killed by a fellow Pagan last year for unknown reasons.
Martin Jason Schacteer – aka Shlak. ACS associate who books shows in the Northeast under Uslessdrunk Productions. Former lead singer of Call the Paramedics, a band that advocated and trivialized rape as a cheap gimmick.

New Jersey European Heritage Assocation

NJEHA (formerly Advanced White Society) is a neo-Nazi org based in New Jersey. They engage in internet trolling and very sparse activism, usually consisting of putting up Nazi stickers in commuter areas of the city. NJEHA has also trolled some Pro-Refugee rallies in Philly.

Dan D’Ambly, head of NJEHA. 
Jason Todd Heicke – Longtime neo-nazi with past associations with The Aryan Nations and National Socialist Movement. 
Ron Sheehy - AWS member - Sheehy engages in racist trolling online under the username Tremley. He also attends KSS events in the Philly area.
Ron Sheehy –  Sheehy engages in racist trolling online under the username Tremley. He also attends KSS events in the Philly area. He also attended the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA.  May be working as a Union Steamfitter (local 696).

Patriot Front

Patriot Front is a network of Neo-Nazis that split off from Vanguard America following the disastrous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. They tend to engage in surprise provocations such as flash rallies and putting up racist propaganda. Locally, they work very closely with NJEHA. Patriot Front vandalized memorials to George Floyd in Philly and Brooklyn, as well as flyering near city hall.

Jackson Bradley is the local contact for Patriot Front and an active member. He has participated in their flyering and racist vandalisms.

Micetrap Distributions, LCC

Micetrap Distributions is an online distro based right across the river in Cherry Hill, NJ that circulates Neo-Nazi music, clothing and literature all over the world. It has been in operation for over 20 years of profiting off this garbage.

***Updated 8/21/17: Wiegand has announced he is closing up shop on Micetrap after several years of campaigning by Anti-Fascists and the recent tragedy in Charlottesville. However, Wiegand is attempting to sell the many neo-nazi domain names he owns. While he continues to profit from that movement, we will keep his info up.***

Micetrap Distributions owner Steven Wiegand – Wiegand has been a Neo-Nazi since the early 90’s.

Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) NJ/Eastern PA

The CCC is an old-south style racist organization dating back to the White Citizens Council that fought against integration and black enfranchisement in the 50’s and 60’s. The CCC attempt to influence government through campaign contributions and have been tied to many “mainstream conservative” politicians.  The group recently made headlines as the primary political influence cited by Neo-Nazi mass murderer Dylan Roof.

The NJ/Eastern PA chapter of CofCC went defunct 2 years ago but those involved in it have been seen attending KSS and other Neo-Nazi events in the area.

former NJ/Eastern PA head of CCC Erick Wiegel. Last known address 32 County Route #519 Belvidere, NJ
former NJ/Eastern PA head of CCC Erick Wiegel. Last known address 
Steve Smith is a longtime Neo-Nazi. He is a former Klansman, co-founder of KSS and Luzerne county republican committeeman.
Steve Smith is a longtime Neo-Nazi. He is a former Klansman, co-founder of KSS and Luzerne county republican committeeman.
Ryan Wojitowicz (l) and Jason Honeywell (r), KSS and CofCC associates.
Ryan Wojitowicz (l) and Jason Honeywell (r), KSS and CofCC associates

Greater Philadelphia Alt-Knights / Random Alt-Right

Oh, how to describe this crowd? These are the random dregs on the racist right in the area.  Trump supporters with a vendetta against Antifa for some perceived attack on their right to be bigots.  Sustained on a steady diet of Fox News and Alex Jones. Can sometimes be found trolling left or Anti-Trump events.  Love to hide behind cops. Often dressed for battle but never seem to come to fight.

Jeff Thomas. Anarcho-Capitalist Troll and general idiot. From Reading but often in Philly.
Mark Daniel Reardon, aka “Illegal Aryan.” Gained some brief notoriety for putting up Neo-Nazi flyers on Locust Walk in west Philly in spring 2017..
Ellsworth George Lewis III. Far-right troll and MAGAt. Lives in Prospect Park, PA
Howard Caplan, aka “Pizzagate Howie.” Local wingnut obsessed with debunked “Pizzagate”conspiracy theory. Trump supporter and troll.
Johnny Riches, Alt-Right Troll and clown. Involved in doxxing leftist protesters and survivors from the Ghost Ship fire.

Philly Proud Boys

The Proud Boys are a cult of far Trump worshipping, nationalist bigots. Rather than open white supremacy, Proud Boys cast their views as “Western Chauvinism,” meaning the belief that Western (aka white european) culture and civilization is “the best” (superior) to other (indigenous and non-white) cultures are inferior. As such, not all Proud Boys are white. The Proud Boys are also vehemently anti-Trans and misogynist.

Philadelphia Proud Boys- 1. John Lombardo, 2. Joseph Ruff, 4. Tom Moermann, 5. Nicholas J. Magner, 9. Sonny Sullivan, 10. Donovan Chiarlanza, 11. Zachary Rehl, 13. Stephen Hartley, 14. John David Williams
More Scum- 2. Tyler Yamaguchi, 5. Jason Wiltsley, 6. Sean Curran, 7. John David Williams, 8. Mark Anthony Tucci, 9. Stephen Hartley, 10. Nicholas J. Magner

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